More Tests & Second Lines

Second Lines and Experiments I’m reminding myself that many pictures could use a crop or two. I typically try to fill the frame with the subject that I want within the borders of the picture. That’s not always easy. If you photograph sports the subject is moving, and the photographer is stationary. If you photographContinue reading “More Tests & Second Lines”

Out on the Street

M usic. You know me and music. You know me and brass bands. Here’s a little portfolio about just that. In all the years that I photographed second lines I cannot tell you how many times I made pictures of brass bands. I think it’s the passion that I like. The music matters because itContinue reading “Out on the Street”

Old Memories

I’m sorry that there is no text beyond these few words. I had a pretty well written piece that was complete. It was written, edited, the details were done. When I went to hit the schedule button, the button was light blue, not its normal color. It didn’t and wouldn’t work. Additionally, when I wentContinue reading “Old Memories”

There is the Music

Musical instruments. And, parades. In New Orleans, the music is everything. Musicians play in clubs. They play on street corners. They play in high school marching bands. They play in small brass bands. They are a major part of any parade, big or small. When a second line is getting ready to start, the tubaContinue reading “There is the Music”

And, the Music

Keeping’ it Real. Sunday’s second line. Between the march for non violence and the second line, there must have been about six or seven divisions. But, they were short, little tiny groups. As I said to a friend of mine on the scene, I must have walked the same 30 yards about ten times. That was okay.Continue reading “And, the Music”

Once You’ve Heard…

… the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey. There you have it. Cheap whiskey. Nothing more. Nothing less. I think I’ll forget about any rumors about anything until I know it to be true. For me. At any level. Anywhere. That said, tools of the trade. That’s what these pictures are about.  Sparkling. Glowing.Continue reading “Once You’ve Heard…”

Another One

This is a big one. The Keep N It Real Second Line. It starts at Bayou St. John in Mid City, passes through Treme, into the 7th Ward and eventually comes to a stop near where it started. All sorts of people come out for it. Benevolent societies, a couple of brass bands, Mardi GrasContinue reading “Another One”

Ladies of Unity. Day Two.

Ladies of Unity. Day Two. As promised. I generally try to do what I say that I’m going to do. This also means that I have no idea what I’m going to post for the next couple of days. Making these daily multiple pictures posts isn’t easy. But, y’all seem to like them. So, offContinue reading “Ladies of Unity. Day Two.”

Ladies of Unity Second Line

Sunday. The Ladies of Unity second line. Their tenth anniversary. That means they began just as Katrina recovery was just starting. Ten is sort of a big number normally. But, it’s a really big number for this social aid and pleasure club considering the circumstance. And, that they likely walked their first second line to fairlyContinue reading “Ladies of Unity Second Line”