Second Line Squared

Once upon a time I made pictures like this one every Sunday. I retired from the streets a few years ago mostly for health reasons, but after seven years I felt like the project ran its course. You work and you work and you work and one day you just know. You might still goContinue reading “Second Line Squared”

There is the Music

Musical instruments. And, parades. In New Orleans, the music is everything. Musicians play in clubs. They play on street corners. They play in high school marching bands. They play in small brass bands. They are a major part of any parade, big or small. When a second line is getting ready to start, the tubaContinue reading “There is the Music”

The Tuba Starts It

That’s what they say. The Tuba starts it. When you hear the first notes from the tuba you know the second line is about to begin. Playing a tuba is hard work. It’s heavy. The musician playing it walks about five or six miles. Maybe more. So, until it’s time to go to work, theContinue reading “The Tuba Starts It”

In a Jazzy Place

Remember that really colorful second hand-antique store picture I published a couple of days ago? This place was two doors down from it. Sometimes, it’s easy. Sometimes it’s very hard. Georgia O’Keeffe was once quoted as saying that she never worked when it was hard. Lucky her.