In The Bywater

New Orleans sidewalks. Depending on the neighborhood, they can be made of brick, cobblestone, very old cement or even slate. They are usually pretty broken up. Tree roots grow up through them. The heat cracks them. They fall apart after years of use. We are an old city. I found this one while I wasContinue reading “In The Bywater”

When the Weather is Wet

Rain. Lots of it. I’m not complaining. We can always use more rain. Besides, it’s summer. Our rainy season. It’s also humid and warm — not hot — which makes everything grow. For a few months of the year we live in what amounts to a hot-house. During my first year in Louisiana I askedContinue reading “When the Weather is Wet”

Bohn Motors Building

I know what you are thinking. You’re wrong. I’m not stuck in Hurricane Katrina pictures. New Orleans has a lot of nicknames. One is the city that care forgot. Bohn Motors was abandoned long ago. In fact, I think it was some kind of community center pre-storm. I’d love to accurately tell you when Bohn Motors first leftContinue reading “Bohn Motors Building”

Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young was right. Rust never sleeps. You know this place. I’ve shown it to you a few times. Well, not this scene. There are broken bricks and bits of glass in this picture. There used to be a graffiti covered building here; made of concrete, brick and iron. Homeless people took shelter here. Sometimes they livedContinue reading “Rust Never Sleeps”

A Little More

See? I did have a pretty good shoot in Cairo. Considering my shooting night was really about an hour, it was exceptional… for anyone. Especially me. I’m not sure what this building was originally because it has what looks like loading docks in the back, and store fronts along the street. It’s one of thoseContinue reading “A Little More”

The Churches

Churches. This was last week. On a nice day. Today we are a bit cold, but not frozen to the point that our power is failing. In fact, as I know it, the only power failure that occurred today was in the Lower Ninth Ward. All the big media outlets made a huge deal outContinue reading “The Churches”


Doors. I have this thing about Doors. No. Not The Doors. They were a great band, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about… oh, never mind. You see the pictures. Within a few hours of finally being home, I just had to run out and make a bunch of pictures. I immediatelyContinue reading “Doors”

Back To The Story

The plan for yesterday was to photograph a second line parade. I wasn’t sure how big it was going to be, but after plotting the route on Google Maps I realized this parade was going to be a long, long walk. That’s okay. Second Line Parades in Central City are usually a lot of funContinue reading “Back To The Story”

The End of Tunnel

Okay. You know I like bricks and brickyards. So, while most photographers are taking pictures of the famous sights of Melbourne, I’m poking around the lesser known alleyways and laneways of the city. Some are relatively wide and house cafes, coffeehouses, restaurants and stores. Others are really just tiny passage ways, like this one whereContinue reading “The End of Tunnel”