In My Life

N ot business as usual. Not this week, not any week. We’ve all been through something, the worst of which might be over, but it is not over yet. People are still getting sick. We had to cancel two shows. A crew member was sick. America seems to have declared, “pandemic over.” It isn’t. ItContinue reading “In My Life”

A Pay Phone. Two Ways.

This is Netflix’ fault. Or, Amazon Prime’s. I forget which one. I started out with a nice simple graphic image of an abandoned pay phone. It was cleaned up nicely by whoever owns the boarded up building. There is no actual phone and all the wires are removed. It looked sort of cool as a graphic image soContinue reading “A Pay Phone. Two Ways.”

My Neighborhood

This is one of the streets on the circuit. Circuit? Yes. The dog walking circuit. Lucky dogs. Lucky humans, too. This is what happens in the summer around this place. Rain. Humidity. Hot weather. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It’s like living in a hothouse. Everything grows. Things that you want to grow. Things that, well, not soContinue reading “My Neighborhood”

Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts

Changes. I thought that I’d take you on a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. At least, I’ll show you a few details as I saw them. If things look a little bit worn, keep in mind that this place has been under water. A couple of times. Keep in mind that it’s old.Continue reading “Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts”

Ghost Stuff

Ghost Stuff. I love it. You know that about me. But, I don’t usually show much of that work on Storyteller beyond falling apart places. For many people, that work is boring. By its very nature that’s all it can be. Sometimes it’s colorful. Mostly it’s not. But, it is about history, a subject thatContinue reading “Ghost Stuff”

Green. Very Green.

Yes. Green. Summer in New Orleans. Between the het, the every present humidity and rain that seems to fall every other hour, this is what you get. Luscious, verdant green. Shades of green. Rich green. You also get incredible lumps and bumps. The tree and the rise are located on the parkway between the streetContinue reading “Green. Very Green.”

Falling Down

So. I did what I usually do I’m feeling a little caged and went looking for New Orleans decaying away. I’ve been meaning to photograph this building which is in Uptown and very near to the cobblestone street where I’ve made so many pictures. In fact, I see it every time that I drive upContinue reading “Falling Down”

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, back in the late 1990s, I lived on this street. Right in the building with the bar sign on it. No. I didn’t live in the bar. That sign is painted on the wall of a 23 story apartment building. In those days, Staunton Street was a quiet backwater neighborhood streetContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”