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  • Brickyard Blues

    We are headed to New Orleans. What? Already? No. It’s nothing good. A friend of ours just enter home hospice care. She’s been fighting cancer for four years. She’s so sick that she sleeps about 18 hours a day. When the home health care nurse arrived she couldn’t sit up to be examined. She doesn’t […]

  • Brickyard at Night

    I think you’ve seen the daylight version of this image. Maybe twice. Once in low sunlight. Once after a storm. But, I’ve never been there at night. Some readers on another forum were asking me where I made this picture. Normally, I’m pretty generous. But, not this time. I thought, “Yeah, right.” Twenty people will […]

  • After The Rain

    When it rains around here, we often get some very pretty light as the clouds break and the sun peaks through the remaining clouds. Yes. The light is pretty. But, not as pretty as it is in — oh, say — New Mexico. But, that’s a whole other story. A better story is this one. […]

  • Brickyard Blues

    Brickyard Blues. Well, I’m talking about the brickyards of New Orleans that no longer exist. But, in 1974, Brickyard Blues was a song written by New Orleans’ own Allen Toussaint. It was recorded by Three Dog Night and Maria Muldaur. The Three Dog Night version made it into the Billboard Top Forty, where it stayed […]