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  • Rolling

    A nother experiment and another morning nap. There’s a reason for both. It’s my nature to experiment even when the picture gets a little bleak. The other is something that makes me nervous. You know about my back and hip problems. I’ve been feeling good for a while. Yesterday I seemed to collapse. Everything went […]

  • Queen Of The Highway

    Here I go again. Driving and making pictures. You know how I do it so I won’t go there. I will head over to intensity. I talk about not taking the picture, instead letting the picture take you. I discuss the zen of photography. I talk about practicing until you don’t think about what you […]

  • Under The Bridge

    The minute I said that I was a little blocked a picture came running up to me. That’s how it goes sometimes. Say it and claim it. The problem evaporates. I suppose that we are all in a state of suspended animation waiting for the results of the presidential election. Some media like Fox — […]

  • Learning

    New Orleans This is a test. I’m trying to learn how to do combined multiple picture designs. Combined, because I’ve crashed two templates. I’ve also used some older pictures that those of you who are new to Storyteller may never have seen. They highlight a couple of tourist areas. Places that some of you might […]

  • Where’s That Confounded Bridge?

      Such a weird little picture. It looks fairly normal. Just wait until I tell you about it. You’ll understand. I was walking by a fence. There was a hole in it. I looked through it. And, what did I see? The very scene before you. I thought it would make a cool picture. What […]

  • Skytrain Three

    The third time is a charm. They say. Maybe. It does help to return to the scene of the crime, er, picture. Eventually, I’ll get it right. This may be the best of the skytrain pictures, mostly because of the clouds, the light and the golden color. Also, because I finally found the right angle […]

  • Whenever You Need It

    Another storm picture. Rain never stops us. I think a lot of us were fooled because we weren’t ready for the intensity of the rainfall. Never trust the weather people on your local news. They mean well, but if I got about 90% of what I said wrong, I’d fire myself. I’ll talk about this […]

  • Into the Sky

    On some days it looks like trains are flying. They’re not. They are crossing The Mississippi River over the railroad bridge that ties into the Huey P. Long bridge originally built in the 1930s. It was renovated and widened a few years ago. For trains it is the gateway to all points west. Or, to […]

  • The Bridge

    It was the cloud that I wanted. The cloud that was reflecting the setting sun. The silhouetted bridge and power pole are just added bonuses. You know. Luck. Photographer’s luck. Keep moving. Go outside your door. Luck just sort of happens. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of pictures like this. I’m not often any place […]