New Blooms

Bold color. That’s what I promised you and that’s what you’ll get. Today is day three of our thirty day pause. Luckily, there is so much to do around this place, so much to read, so much to watch and so much organizing of my archives that I doubt anybody will get bored. Eventually, we’llContinue reading “New Blooms”

Fall Like Spring

I took these picture a few days ago. While most of you are describing glorious fall scenes and worrying about the winter and snow, down here in the Gulf Coast we are having our second spring. What can I say? This is one of the benefits of living in a hot, humid swamp. While you areContinue reading “Fall Like Spring”

Some Tools

I found this stuff on the street. Artist tools. Tubes of Paint. In Uptown. New Orleans. The tubes of paint are so bright that I could see them as I was driving by. I actually passed the street where I saw them, made a turn and made my way back to them. Nobody was around. ThereContinue reading “Some Tools”


Sometimes you see it. Sometimes you can’t miss it. I was on my way to someplace else when this wall just reached out and hit me in the head. Right between the eyes. Sheesh. How could I miss this? I intentionally left out anything that could add scale, but the biggest circle is at leastContinue reading “Circles”

Faded Beads

This is another one of those pictures. A picture made on my way to some place else. There are three things to know about it. Even when rain isn’t falling, dark storm clouds add a large amount of drama to the picture. The light is wonderful. Mardi Gras beads always fade to silver. Around here,Continue reading “Faded Beads”

Spring Again. Tulip.

A little more spring. A detail of a Tulip. I ran out between at the raindrops during a week’s worth of rain because I knew these Tulips wouldn’t last long. Already some of them were dying on this day. The day that I made a large series of Tulip pictures. By the end of theContinue reading “Spring Again. Tulip.”

Back to the Quarter. Again.

I’m a little bit early today. It’s a busy day. It’s likely that if I’m not early, I won’t get to this until a lot later. Like tomorrow. You know how that goes. When I started editing, er curating, this little collection, a thought hit me. Something from my past. My way past. My collegeContinue reading “Back to the Quarter. Again.”

A Tree Grows in The Bywater

I’ve written a lot about the Bywater. I like photographing there. It suits me. It’s become gentrified and over run with hipsters in hats, but at it’s very heart and soul it is an old blue-collar neighborhood. It was the very first US destination for coffee and fruits as they made their way up from SouthContinue reading “A Tree Grows in The Bywater”