Super Sunday

Super Sunday. It was postponed twice this year, but the wait was worth it. It was very crowded. More than I remember, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s talk about what you are seeing. First. A couple of things to know. Super Sunday is the premier of the Mardi Gras Indians suitsContinue reading “Super Sunday”

The Wall of Infamy

They say, “Don’t get mad, get even.”  It appears that someone got even. Or not. It could be the taggers whose “work” was painted over. It could be the guy who lost the business that was once located in the building.  Or, it could be an angry neighbor. Maybe, artists having fun. Or, just aContinue reading “The Wall of Infamy”

A French Quarter Christmas Stroll

I wish, I wish, I wish this picture was made tonight. Then we would have been attending Caroling at Jackson Square.The event to which I look most forward to. It was made earlier this week. Just as well. We’ve had pretty heavy and steady rain all day. We’ve had thunder. Lighting. Strong winds. Supposedly theContinue reading “A French Quarter Christmas Stroll”

Christmas decorations. That’s an easy fix when I’m tired. But, I think I have a good reason. Or, excuse. Whatever you think. I actually photographed three second line parades today. One was located in the 9th Ward. I knew that one would be tough, mostly because of the way I like to work. But, theContinue reading

Motion Study

Seems like I make some of the pictures that I like best on the way to some place else. This is picture was made on Royal Street as we walked back to the car after making all those Harvest Moon lighted pictures. It was one of my last for the night. There were actually aContinue reading “Motion Study”

My Little Town

Yes. I went back. I really like looking at New Orleans from the Westbank of The Mississippi River. There is a lot to recommend it, especially in the summer. For one thing, I get to look at sunsets like this almost every time I go there. Admittedly, I don’t go there much. But, I will.Continue reading “My Little Town”

Color. Nothing But Color.

Something for a long weekend. Something bright. Something yellow. With a little help in post production to make it look painted and framed. Long weekend. Unless a picture jumps up in front of me, it’s time for a little break.

Bayou Boogaloo

We took a break today and went for a sweat. Oops. I mean, we went to Bayou St. John in Mid-City to enjoy The Bayou Boogaloo. The weather was hot and just turning into that nice summer humidity. So. A sweat. In many ways, it’s a locals mini-Jazzfest. Music on three stages. Great food. CoolContinue reading “Bayou Boogaloo”

More Tests

  This is about technique. More specifically color palettes and creative treatments. Photographic technique. Post Production Tricks. Creative Vision. Stuff like that. More importantly, it’s another test. For me. For you. Which picture do you like? Why? But first. Neither of these two images look like the original picture. Both have been enhanced. Extremely. TheContinue reading “More Tests”