Tag: Bright Light

  • A Little Too Much

    I changed my mind. I wrote a fairly long post about me. I think I went a lot further than I intended. So, here I am writing something entirely different. It’s about teaching and letting go. Many of my posts are purely about photography. My intent is to teach even if I don’t expressly say […]

  • After the Storm

    Spring storms. When they finally move on, usually there is a lot of moist warm air behind them. Not this time. Cold air filled the void. Bright light bounced around the remaining clouds. Pictures were everywhere. I almost couldn’t stop making them. Lucky me. I’m truly amazed. We sort of build our calendars according to season. […]

  • In The Summertime

    Even though we aren’t quite there yet, I thought I’d post a couple of summertime pictures. For me, this is the time when summer foliage and most of nature looks the best. The colors are still bright and fresh. The air is warm or hot. But, the humidity isn’t  brutal. Everything is sparkly. Everything is possible. Swimming. […]

  • From The Shadows

    So subtle. I was doing my usual thing. Wandering around some place looking for pictures when the sun fell low enough in the horizon to create the strong side light that I like when I’m photographing old buildings. For the record, there is no shortage of old buildings in New Orleans.  After all, it’s an […]

  • Playing in the Band

    This is a brand new picture. It’s not even 24 hours old. I realized when we left the house to make pictures at Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association’s second line parade in Central City, that this is where I came in. Last year. So, this parade and these pictures mean something to me. The […]

  • A Little Weirdness

    Well. I’m back to it. More pictures about… well, maybe nothing. Or, maybe I’m working something out . In my head. Who knows. I try not to think very hard about that stuff. It’ll make you crazy. Or, crazier. There’s enough crazy around for all of us. So, most times I just try to record […]

  • The Cat

    As many of you know, I sometimes make my best pictures on the way to some place else. This picture is an example of that. I went to The Bywater to photograph something in particular. We’ll get to that in posts over the course of the next week. Let’s just say it has something to […]

  • Something Easy

    I finally got outside today. I’m still not entirely well. But, enough is enough. I made a lot of pictures. But, I’m really not up to doing a lot of post production, so I’m letting these Southwestern flowers fill in for today. Theses two images were made in the early days of my picture a […]

  • A Thing Called Bokeh

    Bokeh. It’s a Japanese word for the blurred out of focus areas in a photograph. Good bokeh has certain characteristics such as definable round shapes.  It is mostly found around highlight areas and places where specular highlights appear. Specular highlights are  pure white areas that usually appear when light is reflected off of a very […]