George Harrison said all things must pass. Time passes. People pass. Places pass. Things pass. That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. I don’t know where it started, maybe in a dream. I’ve probably said this, but many of my dreams are search dreams. Mostly the take place in a ruined city. Everything is rusty,Continue reading “Passing”

More Thoughts

Apparently, I was in a better mood when I created this A&I generated set of images than I was the first time. There is an ongoing discussion about the use and morality of A&I generated images. That’s good. Most photography discussions have degraded into gear oriented comments. Should we or shouldn’t we use A&I imageryContinue reading “More Thoughts”

The Great White Way

I don’t like your fashion business, misterAnd I don’t like these drugs that keep you thinI don’t like what happened to my sisterFirst we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin Those are Leonard Cohen’s lyrics. I suppose you can think of New York in those terms. I don’t. I usually like it there. I likeContinue reading “The Great White Way”

In The Days Of My Youth

Yesterday was terrible. Luckily, it only got worse. It really started the night before when we learned that a man who is a friend to us all in the arts community was shot four times in an attempted home invasion. Bad guys can’t shoot. What could have been four shots to the chest at pointContinue reading “In The Days Of My Youth”

A Little Sunday Art

T his is without question a Sunday picture. Maybe it’s more like an Easter Sunday picture. At any rate, it’s a spring picture. It is one of my brightest pictures in a long while. It is layered and experimental. The base layer is the same as the top layer except it’s been moved around aContinue reading “A Little Sunday Art”

You Just Have To

T here was big news in New Orleans yesterday. New Orleans Saints (American football) Coach Sean Payton retired. The city is in shock. Some say it’s just a game. I think that the team impacts the city in many ways. Allied jobs rise and fall because of what the team does. He’s an honest man.Continue reading “You Just Have To”

Garden Party

A Sunday photograph. Something bright and colorful for those of you who are still digging out of the wintery white stuff, which is a large part of the country. It’s already been some winter. And, there is a polar vortex coming. It’ll probably start raining fish like it did in Texas a week or twoContinue reading “Garden Party”

Thinking of a Place

I reckon we could all use a bit of color. It’s Friday. We sort of made it to someplace else. The weekend. I’m not excited about that. Working from home sort of tones that down. But, this is the start of Carnival and that means something even though I can’t photograph it. But, during paradeContinue reading “Thinking of a Place”