Into the Great Unknown.

A little obsession goes a long way. I’m not talking about the perfume. I’m  talking about a mental and emotional obsession. I’m talking about the one that I have when it comes the closing of 2019. Normally, I don’t really care. It’s just the pages of the calendar turning. Not this time. I can hardlyContinue reading “Into the Great Unknown.”

Along Came A Little Water

This time I wanted to feel it. So, I played with everything that I could in post production without going too far. I suppose this is a kind of art, but I’m not sure. It could just be a mess. Ironically, in my world of typos I originally wrote that, “I could just be aContinue reading “Along Came A Little Water”

Everything Must Go

Any major dude will tell you. I wanted make a picture that was a little different. I set out to make a painting. Instead, I made something like an etching. It’s all one experiment. Here’s what happened. We had a little rain to go along with our newly cold weather. And, that’s all I’m goingContinue reading “Everything Must Go”


I made a few new pictures. New work. Seasonal work. Spooky work. You’ll see. They say that all art is autobiographical. I agree. To a point. Even though I’m going through a burnt out phase, I’m not feeling dark. I’m not sure that you can really find that in my work because of the wayContinue reading “Smile”

And, Then…

And then… It got weird. I thought I would publish a few experiments on the last day of the year. And, leave you wondering if I’m really okay. No worries. I am. I didn’t get into too much holiday cheer. And, the down sides of 2016 didn’t get too deep into me. I just decidedContinue reading “And, Then…”

The Neighborhood

The neighborhood. Just a street in Mid City. Not far from the old laundry building. The buildings are sort of typical of some older houses that have been handed down from generation to generation. And, survived the storm. Survived bad weather. Hot weather. Humid weather. So is each generation’s stuff. Typical. It survived. What were grandpa’s things wasContinue reading “The Neighborhood”


One thing leads to another. Yesterday, I posted about swamps and bayous. A friend of mine who lives in New Mexico commented on Facebook that she would like to see more of my swampy pictures because, well, she never gets to see much of that kind of greenery living in the high desert near Albuquerque.Continue reading “Swampville”

Working the Night

I like poking around the back streets at night. Or, at least during blue hour. I few of you were asking me about that. You were wanting to know a little bit about how to do that.  I thought I’d discuss that a little. I promised I’d teach a little. I really haven’t done thatContinue reading “Working the Night”

What I Saw

On the way to some place else. Again. I was pretty much racing around last weekend. So much to photograph. So much to do. Oddly, a lot of it didn’t get done. It wasn’t my fault. It’s a New Orleans thing. People didn’t show up. Events get canceled. Plans fall through. That’s all a partContinue reading “What I Saw”