It’s All One Song

A friend of mine asked how I could jump from second line parades to broken buildings to southern summer scenes. I replied, “It’s all one song.” I’m not that clever. I borrowed that. Once, when musician Neil Young was playing at a concert, someone yelled out, “The songs sound the same.” He replied back toContinue reading “It’s All One Song”

And the Window is Busted…

I guess by now it’s pretty obvious to you that I borrow bits of song lyrics or even song titles to write the headlines. This one comes from a song called, “The Neighborhood,” by Tom Waits. It sort of suits these pictures. But… It’s not as bad as it looks. As I was wandering in aroundContinue reading “And the Window is Busted…”

A Little Urbex

Urbex. Urban Exploration. Lots of places do it in New Orleans. Urbex means investigating and photographing derelict old buildings. Usually, the buildings are industrial sized. The “experts” have a lot of recommendations for participating in this little task. The first thing the tell you is that you are trespassing. They tell you to use the buddy system.Continue reading “A Little Urbex”

The Things I Saw

The 9th Ward. Many people think of only one neighborhood. The one that they saw on CNN when the levee broke. That is really the far Lower 9th Ward. The 9th Ward is a big place. There are individual neighborhoods. Holy Cross. St. Roch. The Bywater. The Marigny. And now, when you cross over St.Continue reading “The Things I Saw”

Nothing From Nowhere

It’s not that bad. “Nothing from Nowhere” is a bit of a Jimmy Buffett song. However. I just don’t like any of my photo options for today. Normally, when I post a picture, I have some feeling for it. I have no feeling for these three images. So. You tell me. What do you likeContinue reading “Nothing From Nowhere”

Working in Central City

Lately I haven’t been working in Central City as much as I should. Other people, places and events seem to getting in the way. But, I do pass through when I can. I stumbled upon this scene when I was looking for the Mardi Gras Indians on Super Sunday. They happened to postpone it onContinue reading “Working in Central City”

New Orleans Junk

New Orleans junk. My junk. I wasn’t going to post this today, but I read a story in the local newspaper about a new bike path and green belt that just broke ground. It’s been about four years in the making. It stretches from The French Quarter to way out into Mid-City. This project will costContinue reading “New Orleans Junk”

More Light

So. We had a bit of a discussion on Facebook about the Garden District as opposed to The Lower Garden District. It was good. My point on Facebook was that they are both very different neighborhoods. If anything, much of the LGD is a lot like this bit of Central City which is physically oneContinue reading “More Light”

What It Is

I always hesitate publishing too many pictures that look like this. I’m afraid that I’ll give you the wrong impression of our city. I realized that I really can’t. New Orleans is divided in many ways. Financially. Culturally. Historically. Racially. By neighborhood. By streetcar lines. This was reflected by the neighborhoods that stayed dry inContinue reading “What It Is”