I want sushi right now. It costs more than a house. Instead, we bought a new espresso maker. It’s the bomb. It’s really for touring, but we just had to test it before we hit the road. So, we bought five pounds of Lavazza beans. Five pounds ought to be enough to test it, right?Continue reading “Creativity”


Very strange. I was passing by this place on the way to some place else. The building was pretty much abandoned after the storm. Somebody decided to rebuild it. Then it caught fire and burned to the ground leaving only the sub flooring, the fire-place and the chimney. Okay. Not exactly to the ground. I’mContinue reading “Found”

Deeper In

First. A quick announcement. I’ve reached 10,000 page views. I don’t think that’s much cause for celebration when I stop to think about some of my fellow bloggers who have 10,000 views per week, or per day or even per hour. I have no idea how they do it. But, they do. That said, onContinue reading “Deeper In”

New Orleans Spring

After what seemed like months of photographing all things Mardi Gras, I realized that I was a little burnt out especially after the last few weeks. So, I’ve mostly been spending my time editing, or curating as it is called theses days. For post production, I’ve mostly been cherry picking for this blog and otherContinue reading “New Orleans Spring”