What Remains Home again. This picture is not of home. This was made in New Mexico while a brush fire was burning in the distance. Pretty soon it wasn’t in the distance. It was staring at us. So, we beat feet. I had to know what happened so I returned to the scene. This pictureContinue reading

Do That and You’ll Lose It

A side from Spotify buying AEG which owns Jazzfest, other strange things happened. First, neither of my musicians won Grammys. When I realized Musical Miss was competing against Lady Gaga with 95 year old and end stage demented singer Tony Bennett I knew she had no chance. Just as well. Spotify buying Jazzfest means noContinue reading “Do That and You’ll Lose It”

It Was There… Once

I used to see this place a lot. I was always headed some place else so I didn’t stop to make a picture. Then one day, I did. Then I stopped again. Twice in about a month. Good thing. I drove by about a week later and it was gone. There was a dirt patchContinue reading “It Was There… Once”