Not in the Weeds

So, my online pal, Tim, suggested that I try a different browser. I downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox. I thought that I made a huge mistake because it barely worked at all. I left the computer and took a break because I had other things to do… like vacuum. With six dogs roaming the halls you canContinue reading “Not in the Weeds”

Thinking of a Place

T his is a bit of an email I wrote to a friend of mine; I’m not sure why, but I needed to tell these stories. I’ll tell them to you. We are in Cobble Hill. Brooklyn. The home of my home. I took both of my traveling partners to my old neighborhood. I showedContinue reading “Thinking of a Place”

Feeling Alright

No fools, no fun. That’s what they say. At least some of “they” say it. No virus news today. We all need a break from it, even though it may affect our lives for many years. Instead. Art. And, this photograph turned into I don’t know what. First, the picture. I started with a pictureContinue reading “Feeling Alright”


I never thought. I never thought that by the end of the first term of this presidency that we would be left in complete tatters. I knew it would be bad. I didn’t know when we finally emerged from our bunkers that country would be unrecognizable. Broken. Torn apart. People fighting for toilet paper. EvenContinue reading “Fantasia”