New Orleans Spooky

T his whole post might just be a rant. I know what you are thinking. “Oh no” I’ll try to be funny even though I’m not feeling that way. You know I don’t have much time these days. Time is my most precious commodity. Not just now, even in the best of times. But, especiallyContinue reading “New Orleans Spooky”

All A Reflection

Yesterday is gone. And, good riddance. It started bad and it ended worse. You didn’t see me here because my Cox modem/router failed. They wanted $75 because I didn’t have customer care. Okay, okay. I have a good idea of what this gear costs. But, when I said yes to having a technician visit, heContinue reading “All A Reflection”


Never. No little boxes. Don’t left anybody put you in them. Don’t put yourself in one. If your experiment fails, it fails. That’s how you learn. How you grow. Anybody who knows me knows I am a baseball fan. Think about this. The very best hitters have a batting average of around .300. That meansContinue reading “Never”

A Sign

This is not a sign of the times. It is a ghost sign. Hiding in plain site. A billboard for all to see. There was a plastic sign hung over it. It rotted through the ages. It fell away reveal the original work behind it. Knowing the neighborhood, it’ll likely remain this way for aContinue reading “A Sign”

A Little Rain Must Fall

Yes. A little rain must fall. And, it must fall like it would in an Impressionistic painting. So, here’s what happened. We had a hurricane on Thursday night. You didn’t know about it because it didn’t make the national or international news. What? Wait. Why not? It was something called a Cold Core Hurricane. It formedContinue reading “A Little Rain Must Fall”

On Lundi Gras

Lundy Gras. The Monday before Mardi Gras Day. Or Fat Tuesday, If you wish. Forgive me. I’m keeping this very short because I had to go to work by about 6am today. Forgive me too because I haven’t even looked at very many emails or comments. It’s been very, very busy around here. But, not crazy.Continue reading “On Lundi Gras”


Since today is officially the first day of Autumn, I thought it might be a good to wrap up some of the junk I photographed over the summer. These are the odds and ends of about six rambles through the city at all different times, over many days. Some pictures were driven by the lightContinue reading “Remains”


Remember the yellow picture? It’s posted on my Laskowitzpictures page on Facebook. A lot of readers have commented on it. Well. Many people think New Orleans really doesn’t change all that much. They think we are steeped in tradition.  In many ways we are. And, we probably would have remained remain that way. But, HurricaneContinue reading “Changes”

Bywater Part Two

Yesterday, I showed you Vaughn’s. You go there to listen to music, usually at night. Or, to watch Saints games on Sunday afternoons. But where do you eat breakfast in The Bywater? Today, there are all sorts of small restaurants and cafes in the area. A bunch of hipsters saw to that. But, in theContinue reading “Bywater Part Two”