You Have To Partake Before You Partook

A nother travel assignment, another place in which to get lost. Actually, I don’t mind if I get lost when I’m working. You never know what will turn up while you are not where you hoped to be. You know, the pictures I make on my way to someplace else. I was photographing another pieceContinue reading “You Have To Partake Before You Partook”

Can We Go Home Now?

S ometimes, I can tell you everything about making a picture. You know, the how, what, why, when and who of it? But, not this picture. I know where it is located in my archives. But, it doesn’t fit with the rest of the take. My big goal during the lockdown was working on myContinue reading “Can We Go Home Now?”

Like Being On The Road

Sometimes just leaving Orleans Parish is like going on a road trip, not that I drove very far, maybe 12 miles. But, it’s another world. I had to buy some electronics and a paint bucket. Best Buy is the best place for digital gear. I was grumbling while I drove. I had to buy aContinue reading “Like Being On The Road”

Another Picture From The Archives

Sunday morning. In the French Quarter. The tourists haven’t awakened yet. The only folks out are locals. Either they are getting ready for church. Or, they are getting ready to work. Or, they are just coming come from a long overnight shift somewhere in the Quarter. Before they go where ever they are going, theyContinue reading “Another Picture From The Archives”

Vaughn’s in The Bywater

More Bywater. More Vaughn’s. Even though we were trying to cover a lot of ground fairly quickly, I slowed things down when we got to one of my intended destinations. My colleagues looked around and talked to the bartender. I made pictures of whatever I saw. Inside and out. It really was just that simple.Continue reading “Vaughn’s in The Bywater”

Early Morning Dew

I used to walk around The French Quarter sort of early in the morning on Sunday. I’ve pretty much stopped that, mostly because I rarely go to the Quarter. No real reason. It’s just one of those things. On this morning I was walking on Bourbon Street, toward the downriver end. Where things are quieter.Continue reading “Early Morning Dew”

Way Out West

Out there. Way out there. The road trip. The grand tour. Mostly along Route 66. In New Mexico. Or better said, by Neil Young: “Well, they say that Santa Fe is less than ninety miles away, And I got time to roll a number and rent a car. Oh, Albuquerque. I’ve been flyin’ down the road,Continue reading “Way Out West”


It just must have been the day. A little weird. It seemed that in every blog, on every photography website and even the couple of paper magazines that I read, the main writer was talking about having to go someplace far away in order to take pictures. Or, being completely unprepared when they saw something that caughtContinue reading “Everywhere”

I Took a Coffee Break

I took a break. In the middle of chasing around on St. Joseph’s Day, I knew I needed coffee. Espresso. Something to keep me going. I arrive at Croissant D’ Or just as they were closing. Being a good small business, they were happy to make me something even though everything had been cleaned. TheyContinue reading “I Took a Coffee Break”