The Great Chase

Once upon a time I used to make pictures like this on a regular basis. I’m not sure why I stopped. It wasn’t a conscience decision. I just sort of let it fade away. I’m thinking that before I slip out of New Orleans for good I should wander around the city making these kindContinue reading “The Great Chase”

Don’t Call Them Trollies

N ew Orleans is known for a lot of things. One of them is our streetcars. The green streetcars run along St.Charles Avenue and, eventually, Carrolton. They are the most of famous of the two. The red cars run up Canal Street and eventually end up at City Park. This is little portfolio came togetherContinue reading “Don’t Call Them Trollies”

Round Here

W et. That’s what late June and July are in Southeast Louisiana, wet. If we aren’t getting a lot of rain, the skies are gray and the air is very humid. So far, we’ve been lucky. The temperatures haven’t risen above 90 degrees except on two days and that was the high. If we didn’tContinue reading “Round Here”

Streetcar During the Blue Hour

Streetcars. Streetcars are considered to be a huge tourist attraction. With the proper pass you can ride all over the city. You can catch a ride somewhere near The French Quarter and head Uptown on the green cars. They are not air-conditioned. Or, you can can catch the red cars, which are newer and air-conditioned.Continue reading “Streetcar During the Blue Hour”

Streetcar in Blue

Once again. Blue Hour. You know, that time right after the sun sets. When the light is so blue. This is also a style in which I used to work. Impressionism. I’m taking a journey into my past. That’s right. I’m going back there. Here’s why. I used to do this a lot. I kind ofContinue reading “Streetcar in Blue”

Mid City View

Canal Street. Mid City, New Orleans. There’s nothing like a little blue hour, wet streets and warm glowing lights in the background to make a place look enticing. If I was really working for — oh, let’s say — the tourism board, I’d clean up the foreground. There’s lots of trash there. One way toContinue reading “Mid City View”


Streetcars. One of the reasons that visitors to New Orleans come here. Mostly, they come for the French Quarter and mostly Bourbon Street. But, more adventurous souls like to roam around the city. There is plenty to see and do. They can tour very easily just riding the streetcars. The older cars — green — run alongContinue reading “Speeding”

Then, This.

Well. It arrived. A huge, nasty storm. Sideways pouring rain accompanied by high winds that were measured around 120 mph at the airport. It came fast. It came hard. By about 9:30 am the skies were dark. The light in the house looked like the light you see at pre-dawn. By 10:30am, we lost power. So,Continue reading “Then, This.”