Deeper Than Dreams

Thoughts that cross my mind. Not everyday, but more often than not during our pandemic times. There’s another random thought that crossed my mind. “Pandemic Times.” A good name for a newspaper in these non-newspaper days. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Lately, my thoughts have been roaming and random. Like the one above,Continue reading “Deeper Than Dreams”

Beyond The End

Light. It’s all light. That’s what makes or breaks a photograph. After all, the word photography is Greek for writing with light. No. It’s not all Greek to me. I actually know this word. Hurricane Delta passed us by for the most part. We did have some strong gusts of wind and a little rain.Continue reading “Beyond The End”

The Thing Itself

Light. The thing itself. We chase it. That’s what we do. That’s what photographers do. Maybe everybody does it. We chase light. Photographers need it to make pictures. Artists use the interplay between light and dark to work. All of us needs light to live. Artificial light is fine, but sunlight is the real deal.Continue reading “The Thing Itself”

And, Another Thing

I want to make a point. A friend of mine published his blog last week. It was a recap of a recap because he hadn’t finished working on pictures that he took while he was traveling via a cruise. That’s what he usually posts. He listened to me when I suggested that he work aContinue reading “And, Another Thing”


Driving. Motion. Movement. The combination of others moving and my own motion helped to create some kind of impressionistic art. And, a lot of Ws. I reckon that the Ws were created by NOLA’s potholed streets. Hit a hole and down the car goes. So too, with the other cars around me.  Up. Down. Up.Continue reading “NSU”

Red Cars

Seriously. Before you read any further, open the picture. Then, you’ll understand the caption. I never knew that Jesus had a car club. Or, that Jesus even had a car. Hmmm… I’ll have to go read up on this new development. I have to admit. He’d have looked pretty good cruising around in that beastContinue reading “Red Cars”

Cadillac Farm

You’ve heard of Cadillac Ranch, yes? If not, it’s a group of Cadillacs half buried along Interstate 40 located in West Texas. Just west of Amarillo. You can also say located on Route 66, if you prefer. They are placed in a straight line that some say are pointed in the same angle as the Great Pyramid atContinue reading “Cadillac Farm”

Archie’s Place

Junk. New Mexican Junk. Sunday’s junk. Unlike the junk in New Orleans, this junk isn’t so rusty. It is mostly sand and wind-blown. Sure, there’s some rust. But nothing like you get in the high humidity swamp that I call home. For now. This place. It’s in Moriarty. New Mexico. You can see it fromContinue reading “Archie’s Place”


The people who own this house, their cars, the bird house and the chain link fence are my kinda people. A little bit obsessed. A little bit crazy. But, they look like they are having fun. We stumbled on this place while my friends were trying to find some of the kind of junk IContinue reading “Pink”