I Forgive It All

There are times when I forget what I’ve done in the past. I made this picture four years ago and I cannot remember doing it. I probably made it on the way to someplace else like a second line. You know me. I’m not a fan of useless data. But, sometimes it helps. Here’s aContinue reading “I Forgive It All”

Central City People

Central City is more than just broken buildings. Even without gentrification it is a vibrant community much as Treme was before the highway planners dropped I-10 in the middle of it and cut it in two, destroying one of the most beautiful avenues in the city and pretty much destroying the neighborhood. At least thatContinue reading “Central City People”

Real Good For Free

There is an old Joni Mitchell song called “Real Good For Free.”  The middle verse goes like this. “Now me I play for fortune, And those velvet curtain calls, I’ve got a black limousine, And two gentlemen, Escorting me to the halls, And I play if you have the money, Or if you’re a friend to me, But the one man band, ByContinue reading “Real Good For Free”