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  • Paris, Not Paris

    P aris, France. Paris, Texas. There are 48 places named Paris in the world. I’d list them but you’d either get bored or crazy. There is this one. Paris on Las Vegas Boulevard, or as it is commonly called The Strip. This Paris is a casino, hotel and underground shopping mall that is designed and […]

  • Angles

    S unday. The middle day of a so-called long weekend. I have almost no idea of what to write. I really haven’t paid attention to the news, except for baseball. That’s very intentional. Everyone needs a break from what has become madness. Baseball is life. The season is so long that there are ups and […]

  • What Happens in Las Vegas…

    I mentioned yesterday that I was putting together little “curated” collections of my travel work for a new agency. Rather than put up galleries, I thought I’d show you a few pictures each day. As an overview, I made these pictures on two trips to Las Vegas for a book project. As you know, I […]