Road Color

Y esterday’s post was a bit bleak, but it was honest. Authentic, as we say today. We saw an example of it on Thursday night, when the January 6 Committee laid the insurrection at Trump’s feet. And, at his feet it will stay. I’m sure he’ll be hopping mad. Too bad. It was an exerciseContinue reading “Road Color”


So. I’ll keep going. This is a very early version of my digital experimentation. It’s from a time when I wanted to make a photograph look like something else entirely. Like a watercolor painting. I added some more stuff to it. And, there you have it. This is old enough that the original exposure wasContinue reading “Wonderland”

Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road. Not in that Hollywood. That’s in Los Angeles. In California. This one is in Hong Kong. As in China. It was the second road to be built by the British after the colony after they began Queen’s Road. It was the first to be finished. Apparently, it was named after a garden inContinue reading “Hollywood Road”

One Thing Leads To Another

As the title suggests, one thing really does lead to another. I was only going to publish one Hong Kong picture and go back to showing you more New Orleans. But. Then I thought… I’d like to mess around with some newer pictures. So. More Hong Kong. What started as a whim has become somethingContinue reading “One Thing Leads To Another”

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, back in the late 1990s, I lived on this street. Right in the building with the bar sign on it. No. I didn’t live in the bar. That sign is painted on the wall of a 23 story apartment building. In those days, Staunton Street was a quiet backwater neighborhood streetContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”

Driftin’ Back

More Hong Kong. This is Admiralty just as it comes toward Central. This is pretty much the heart of the banking and government center. I made this picture late at night. Normally, this place is just packed with hundreds of people scurrying here, there and everywhere. But, not at around 9pm. I was able toContinue reading “Driftin’ Back”

Once Upon A Time

I lived on this street many years ago. In those days, it wasn’t quite so colorful. Nor, was it anywhere near as energetic as it appears in this picture. In fact, in those days Staunton Street was just a little blue-collar neighborhood. Today, it is the home of many international restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.Continue reading “Once Upon A Time”

Wet Markets

Since we are heading towards Thanksgiving when we eat way too much, I thought that I would post a picture of how folks shop for really fresh food in Hong Kong. This is the Central wet market. That’s central as in a district or area. Not, THE CENTRAL WET MARKET as in one giant place.Continue reading “Wet Markets”