New Work

Creamy. That’s what photographers of a certain age call images like these. The shadows, mid tones and highlights are nicely balanced. There is no glaring contrast issues. This shouldn’t be mistaken for bokeh, which is the quality of the background of an image. Of course, bokeh is supposed to be Japanese. To the Japanese peopleContinue reading “New Work”


C hange. They say it’s the only constant. They are correct. Just look back to March 2020 and you’ll see that the world is a very different place.Just about everything has changed. While many people seem to be recovering, most have not. Businesses have either changed the way they work, or they aren’t working. TheContinue reading “Changes”

Welcome Back Too

E ven though I did a lot to this picture in post production, I’m staying with only one column. I decided to do a lot of work to this picture because I wanted to experiment in a couple of ways. Before we get into that, my doctor’s office’s ears must have been burning. They calledContinue reading “Welcome Back Too”

A Thing That Is Certain

I did a lot in the past 24 hours. I redesigned Storyteller to make it cleaner and a lot more website-like. I decided to start publishing more art and less pictures from the past. I have to think about photographing second lines whenever they resume. I did that for a long time. Sometimes a projectContinue reading “A Thing That Is Certain”

Time Passages

Finally. It hit me this morning. I am in mourning. Not for the life we all once had. Although, that’s part of it. I’m in mourning for the passing of time. Not, the time that I’ve been discussing. That time has no meaning, no concept these days. Another kind of time passing. The kind thatContinue reading “Time Passages”

Farther Along & Further In

There are a few flowers still blooming and growing. I came across the remainders of a little Camellia. Wow, I thought. A possible picture. So I clicked the button a couple of times. I continued on. I felt lucky. You know, I’m not seeing pictures all that well. In fact, I might not be seeingContinue reading “Farther Along & Further In”


Time. I’ve been saying that it’s lost its meaning. That it just seems to flow. That its numbers are meaningless. That the only way to mark time is by listening to nature. I still believe that. In my heart, I know time is getting short. We are a little over four weeks to an electionContinue reading “Jericho”

Goin’ Back

A little experiment. I’ll come back to this below the slideshow. Grand plans and all of that. I should know better. I should have learned using WordPress. I should have listened to them when they asked me, “Do you want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.” Or, to Mike Tyson who said, “YouContinue reading “Goin’ Back”

Time Fades Away

The better of me. I went through a battle yesterday. Of course, battles these days don’t mean what they once meant. It was almost eight hours on the phone. By the time that I was done I wasn’t sure if I won or lost. I think that I won. I’ll know in a couple ofContinue reading “Time Fades Away”