The Kid And Me

A Street Portrait Gets Good The bullet points should tell you everything that you need to know about making a picture like this one. But, just in case. No matter how well you plan for every possible situation when you arrive on the scene everything changes. As boxer Mike Tyson said, “You can plan forContinue reading “The Kid And Me”

And, In The End

Mardi Gras 2019. It came to a close in New Orleans on Tuesday. It comes to a close for me, here on Storyteller, today. Despite my aches and pains, I had a good time. I made some memorable pictures, at least to me. And, I kept the volume low. That means I’m not machine gunning.Continue reading “And, In The End”

Childhood Delight

I don’t always photograph an event for its own sake. I love to look around before and after the event. Sometimes what I find is more interesting than the event itself. That might be especially true with second lines. They are unique to New Orleans. They have very special individual characteristics. After photographing them forContinue reading “Childhood Delight”

The Archive Series

  As you all know, I’m working through some relevance issues. A good friend of mine and another colleague were talking to me about it. My colleague is going through the same thing, except that he may have a destination when he works through this. It is good to know that a number of usContinue reading “The Archive Series”

The Face

  Eyes. They say that eyes are the window the soul. I believe that to be true. I think most portraits should be simple. See into the person. See what they are about. See who they are. I’ve been using this little girl’s eyes as a design element. After discussing the eyes with a numberContinue reading “The Face”

No Quarter

It could be something else. The picture. It reminds me of the fifth Led Zeppelin album. Houses of the Holy. Mostly, it’s the sky. An odd shade of popsicle orange. It is a little weird. Mysterious. Spooky. Another of my portraits on the scene. I made it prior to all the events of St. Joseph’sContinue reading “No Quarter”

On Earth Day

Earth Day. Forty years or so. I know, I know. What does this picture have to do with Earth Day? Not much. Except I made it on either the first or second Earth Day at a festival. For the life of me, I cannot remember what this tube was supposed to teach. I do remember that the childrenContinue reading “On Earth Day”

Baby Indian

I made this picture last Super Sunday. In Central City. It is generally held on the Sunday prior to St. Joseph’s Day. There are two other Super Sundays. This picture was made Uptown. The other two are Downtown, and on the Westbank. Like everything around here, weather is often the controlling factor. When rain comes, theseContinue reading “Baby Indian”

Little Leader

Remember those young guys behind the burglar bars? The ones who just wanted to be outside? Here is their great escape. Kinda. Sorta. The New Look hit the streets about fourth or fifth in the parade. Just like their elders, they know what to do…  because they have been practicing for a long while. WithContinue reading “Little Leader”