Other Ways

A doorway to… With no imagination it could be a doorway to the building. With just a little imagination it could be a doorway to the unique. With more imagination it could be the doorway to the universe. You pick. I like that latter. I saw a picture posted on some social media. It wasContinue reading “Other Ways”

What Does It Feel Like?

This going to be more about the technique than it is about the picture. The picture, itself, was made in Mong Kok, in Kowloon. For those of you who don’t know much about the geography of Hong Kong, Kowloon is a peninsula that extends down from the mainland, which means China. Above Kowloon are The NewContinue reading “What Does It Feel Like?”

Little Pictures

For yesterday’s post, I offered up some Hong Kong images that were pretty much general views of the city that were photographed in my style. I wrote that I would show you a little different, more local, view of the city today. So here it is. Six images that are what I call “little pictures.”Continue reading “Little Pictures”

Going Back

Since I’m a little out-of-pocket today, I thought I’d reintroduce a little of my signature work. Maybe just three pictures a day. And, I’ll tell you the stories behind the images.  Three pictures from Asia today. Shanghai Dancers, Central Wet Market and Hong Kong From Above. Shanghai Dancers was made on early morning in — youContinue reading “Going Back”