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  • Places

    It’s all celebration and sometimes it’s all seasonal. It certainly is colorful. That makes me smile. The pictures. Pretoria. Santa Fe. Hong Kong. Treme. Albuquerque. Savannah. New Orleans.

  • Like A Chinese Painting

    Adventures in iPhone 14 land. I decided to test the largest sensor which is 48 MB and yields a basic file of 75MB. Snapseed was not happy so I moved it directly from storage to OnOne. That worked. OnOne is located on my main machine and it could handle a large basic file size. For […]

  • Working For A Living

    A ugust. This is when strong people turn weird. Myself included. After all, this the month of big hurricanes. First came Katrina. On August 29, 2005. Then came Ida. On August 29, 2021. If that doesn’t spook you, nothing will. Katrina was the more destructive of the two, although Ida did her mean spirited thing. […]

  • Chinese Rose

    This is a Chinese Rose. I’d never heard of such a thing until a little debate broke out on Instagram. Someone posted a picture of a flower that he called a Chinese Rose. It wasn’t. Even with my lack of knowledge about flowers I knew that. So off to Google we went. It turns out […]

  • I Got Free

    Finally. I got loose. They can’t catch me. I headed straight to Chinatown. In San Francisco. I took pictures. I ate. I took some more pictures. I ate again. In a moment of kindness I bought a lot of take away food for the others. Not that they deserved it. Sheesh. The pictures. I took […]

  • Working

    Chinese butcher. Chinatown. San Francisco, California. Heading into blues delta country in the morning. So, today’s post is early. Friday’s will be late. These things happen.

  • Another Side (Of Downtown LA)

    Whaddya think? Los Angeles Chinatown or Hong Kong? Well, these pictures are a small portfolio of my Downtown Los Angeles assignment. I’d like to say that LA Chinatown is just like Hong Kong and nothing like the Chinatowns found everywhere else in The United States. But, that wouldn’t be true. San Francisco is probably more […]

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once upon a time, back in the late 1990s, I lived on this street. Right in the building with the bar sign on it. No. I didn’t live in the bar. That sign is painted on the wall of a 23 story apartment building. In those days, Staunton Street was a quiet backwater neighborhood street […]

  • Once Upon A Time

    I lived on this street many years ago. In those days, it wasn’t quite so colorful. Nor, was it anywhere near as energetic as it appears in this picture. In fact, in those days Staunton Street was just a little blue-collar neighborhood. Today, it is the home of many international restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. […]