A Decade Of Nothing

This is just a picture. I made it roughly a decade ago. I made it on Christmas Eve 2012. I made it at the bonfires on the river near Lutcher, Louisiana. We light the bonfires to guide Papa Noel down the Mississippi River to New Orleans so all the fine people of the city canContinue reading “A Decade Of Nothing”

On This One Night

C ome darkness, come light. The photograph comes from New Mexico. The words come from Virginia. They seem to cover most of my life for the last 15 years. On this Christmas Eve and — soon to be — Day, I’d like to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful newContinue reading “On This One Night”

Farther Along

C hristmas magic. We need it this year, more than ever. This year sucked worse than the one before it. Still. The next year is gonna be worse. After all, it’s 2020 Too. All I know is what they taught me once. The important things are simple. The simple things are hard. This seems simple.Continue reading “Farther Along”

Midnight Clear

Christmas in New Orleans. A magical time of year. Living in the semi tropics makes so. Hold on.  It’s Christmas Eve. It’s time for children to go to bed early. A night when the kids leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. It’s a night of hope and wonder. AroundContinue reading “Midnight Clear”

Christmas Eve

I did the very thing I hoped not to do. But between last night’s trip upriver and today’s Christmas events, I have a suffered a relapse. A bad one. But, since I’m a generous guy, I shared. Now pretty much everybody has it in varying degrees. Luckily, one of our newest visitors is a retiredContinue reading “Christmas Eve”

Bonfires on the Mississippi River

I did it. I kept my promise to you. A Christmas promise. Here’s the story. Every Christmas Eve, for as long as anybody can remember, bonfires have been lighted along the Mississippi River to guide Papa Noel downriver to New Orleans. This has been going on since the early 1800s. Yes. We are a veryContinue reading “Bonfires on the Mississippi River”

Burning Down The House.

Not really. No houses are being burned down. But, I am pin-balling around the country in pictures.  And, in real life too. This time I’m taking you back to Louisiana. To Lutcher to be exact. The tradition that I am showing you may be even more fun to see, to attend and to photograph thanContinue reading “Burning Down The House.”

It Might Not Look Like It

This picture is about Christmas. It really is. After I photographed Christmas Eve in Old Town, I was walking back to my car when the a bunch of low rider cars and trucks sped past decorated in their Christmas finery. Mostly lights. Since I like blurred things, that’s the kind of picture that I made.Continue reading “It Might Not Look Like It”

Not The Normal Thing

I don’t usually post similar kinds of pictures on consecutive days, but I happen to like the picture that I made in Old Town in Albuquerque on Christmas Eve. The great thing about making pictures there is that everything happens early so you can get home in plenty of time to wait for Santa withContinue reading “Not The Normal Thing”