In The Bywater

Okay. I’m back to normal. Whatever that is. I was wandering  around The Bywater when I happened to pass by Vaughn’s at the right time of day, with the right light. I’ve never been that lucky before. Usually, the light is too bright. Or too dark. But, just like Goldilocks’ porridge, this light was justContinue reading “In The Bywater”

A Little Christmas

I’ve been looking for the right window and the right tree for a long while now. I finally found it. This is what I call a little picture. It’s not a detail. It’s not something big and bold. It is something that you walk by and might not even look at twice. But, it speaksContinue reading “A Little Christmas”

Another Bywater Christmas

I’ve written some about The Bywater. It was a shipping and manufacturing hub. Blue collar workers lived there. It feel into a period of decline and now is being gentrified by the latest wave of New Orleans immigrants. Hipsters. They are pouring money into the area. They are opening restaurants, cafes and small shops. TheyContinue reading “Another Bywater Christmas”

An Evening Sky

This week. Whew. I was stumbling around in my files around trying to find a peaceful Sunday picture. I still want to keep my promise and publish Christmas pictures until the big day. But. But. But. I’m feeling pretty numb just about now. I don’t think I’m feeling much different from most of the peopleContinue reading “An Evening Sky”

Back Home

Not yet. Soon. One night I was out looking for Christmas. Or something like that. I found this big bright paper star surrounded by red lights. So, I thought why not? When I was reviewing my take I didn’t think much of it. So, it never saw the light of day. Sometimes pictures just haveContinue reading “Back Home”

It Might Not Look Like It

This picture is about Christmas. It really is. After I photographed Christmas Eve in Old Town, I was walking back to my car when the a bunch of low rider cars and trucks sped past decorated in their Christmas finery. Mostly lights. Since I like blurred things, that’s the kind of picture that I made.Continue reading “It Might Not Look Like It”

Christmas Downriver

Well, not that far downriver. This is the Bywater. It used to a manufacturing area. Fruit from South America was shipped through the area and coffee beans were imported from South America were roasted and ground here. Companies like Folgers Coffee used to be based here. National brands. Big time. Then all of that changed.Continue reading “Christmas Downriver”

Christmas on The Avenue

Keeping my promise is harder than I thought it would it be. Twenty five pictures about Christmas. Imagine that. What was I thinking? But, that’s a whole other story. I hope that I’ve written enough so you know a little about New Orleans from my perspective. There are a whole host of very different neighborhoods,Continue reading “Christmas on The Avenue”

Windows. Bright Lights.

When I post in WordPress, whatever I post is automatically uploaded to a couple of other social sites. One is Facebook, where it is posted three times. Yeah. I know. A little overkill. That’s okay. People see it. One of those people is my online buddy, Andy Richards. I have not yet had the pleasureContinue reading “Windows. Bright Lights.”