Tag: Christmas Time

  • In Case You Are Wondering

    I thought I would change the pace slightly and show you how Christmas decorations are made. I made an illustration for a client a year or so ago and just started messing around in my portable small product studio which was really my kitchen. Lighting was fairly simple. I used a soft box and Nikon’s […]

  • A Little Christmas

    I’ve been looking for the right window and the right tree for a long while now. I finally found it. This is what I call a little picture. It’s not a detail. It’s not something big and bold. It is something that you walk by and might not even look at twice. But, it speaks […]

  • Little Christmas Details

    I was telling a friend of mine that sometimes the most story-telling picture is a detail shot. You sorta get to the heart of things by staying away from the overall scene and focusing on a small area. This picture is maybe a little wider than I’d normally shoot for a detail shot, but color, […]

  • An Evening Sky

    This week. Whew. I was stumbling around in my files around trying to find a peaceful Sunday picture. I still want to keep my promise and publish Christmas pictures until the big day. But. But. But. I’m feeling pretty numb just about now. I don’t think I’m feeling much different from most of the people […]

  • In A Different Place

    So. This Christmas picture is really Christmasy. How could it not be? It’s a Christmas tree photographed simply and cleanly using one of my framing tricks which is to leave a lot of sky in the background. It was made in New Mexico. That’s probably why there is such nice blue sky and light. Of […]