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  • Stories.

    A person deserves to tell their own story.

  • Before

    Confusion. Seems to be the way that I live my life these days. I had sort of figured out what I wanted to do with Storyteller. Then, I started to do a deep archive dive. My contemporary archives are organized in layers. For instance, this image comes from a book project on Savannah, Georgia. It’s […]

  • Mountain Home

    Sometimes, while I lived in New Mexico I would take long, long drives just to explore and see things. It was on one of those day trips that I found this little country church. I stopped, walked around it and made a lot of pictures. Even though this picture isn’t the most detailed, I like […]

  • Plaster Angels

    Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eats you. Yesterday was one of those days when the bear won. After four years of battling colon cancer, an old friend of mine passed. We went to college together. We worked in newspapers for many years. I left them. He did too. Everybody does. […]

  • Then the Sky Went Crazy

    It looks serious. It’s not. It’s what happens when you mix jazz with photo editing. Things go a little crazy. I made this picture in Albuquerque. New Mexico. It was one of the first serious pictures that I took with my iPhone. It was an early model. And, it was the back up to the […]

  • Sunday Glow

    A little different look. Not only did I make this picture during normal daylight hours, but I used completely different production software. Because. Two reasons. I do like to experiment and tinker. But, my usual software, On1, has some new downloaded upgrades. The company seems to be struggling when it comes to new products. Especially […]

  • Another Journey

    “Well, it’s hard to believe. So you get up to leave. And you laugh at the door. That you heard it all before. Oh it’s so good to know. That it’s all just a show for you. ” — L.A. / Neil Young 1976 I awoke this morning with the weirdest feeling. Early this morning, the second […]

  • Along the Way

    Another in a long line of experiments. I took a bright and glowing image back few steps and made it almost monochromatic. This is the first time that I’m sure of the changes. I’ve lived with the bright version for a long time. That’s what’s in my head. No matter. I’m just sort of playing. […]

  • Albuquerque

    “Well, they say that Santa Fe is less than ninety miles away, and I got time to roll a number and rent a car. Oh, Albuquerque. I’ve been flyin’ down the road, and I’ve been starving to be alone, and independent from the scene that I’ve known. Albuquerque. So I’ll stop when I can, find […]