Tag: Cinematic

  • Slouching Towards NOLA

    T his is the backside of City Park in New Orleans. For the life of me I cannot remember why or when I made this picture. It just turned up in my iPhotos files. But, wow, do I like it. The picture almost came out of the archives just about the way that you see […]

  • Promise Kept

    Promise kept. I said that I would experiment with Mardi Gras pictures rather than publish images that are documentary in nature. That turned out to be harder than I thought. It’s tough turning a clean, sharp image of somebody doing something into a kind of art. For the most part, it feels forced. And, it […]

  • Making Movies

    I made this picture. I’m quite proud of it. Because, when I said I made it, I meant that. I took a picture of an overcast sky with power poles scattered throughout. I saved it, mostly because it wasn’t much. I started reading about Todd Hido, who is one of the photographers interviewed in the […]

  • A City in Color

    I’m back to it. The first thing to understand is that I did not intentionally make a statement with my post production explorations. I am really just letting the picture take me wherever it wants to go. However, I know what this picture looks like. The apocalyptic future. Something out of one of those “Escape from […]

  • Faded

    Yes. Faded. Mardi Gras Beads. Rusted. Fleur de Lis. These are great symbols. Icons. Of a city who calls itself, “The city that care forgot.” Well. Maybe once. New Orleans is in the middle of some pretty intense gentrification. A building boom. Never ending road construction. Since FEMA agreed that the state of our streets […]

  • A Pay Phone. Two Ways.

    This is Netflix’ fault. Or, Amazon Prime’s. I forget which one. I started out with a nice simple graphic image of an abandoned pay phone. It was cleaned up nicely by whoever owns the boarded up building. There is no actual phone and all the wires are removed. It looked sort of cool as a graphic image so […]

  • More New Work

    I kept at it. I kept reworking pictures and exploring the possibilities. I seem to be drawn to a more moody and cinematic look. I’m not sure why. For most of my career I made pictures of real things. In real life. Yes. I turned up the color some because in my world things are […]

  • Sometimes I Get Bored…

    You know how it is. It’s Saturday night. The house is clean. The shopping is done. The dogs are washed and dried. The lawn is mowed. Your night is free. But, you just don’t feel like dealing with crowds. Waitstaff. Bartenders. Crowds. Lost tourists. You watch a movie. Maybe the baseball playoffs. But, that isn’t […]

  • Number Two

    So. Number two in a series of I’m not sure how many. Often times the folks who come to visit us only see our tourist side. That’s good. They like our French Quarter. They might get over to the warehouse district to look at art. They might get to Magazine Street and wander around eating […]