Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

W ill it? I don’t know. It seems like all of my circles have cracks in them. It’s a fight these days to keep them from breaking apart. I’m resilient — a word that all New Orleanians hate — but sometimes enough is enough. I mourn for all the victims of mass shootings. I mournContinue reading “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?”

R0ll Away The Stone

Every now and then I photograph something that amounts to a still life. I say, “amounts to” because I really don’t know how to shoot this stuff. I’m not going to tell you what this balls really are. I’m going to let you guess. To me these are the strangest things ever invented. They areContinue reading “R0ll Away The Stone”

Before Time

Almost pure art. That’s what this picture evolved into from almost nothing. I started with a picture of magenta flowers on a blue handicapped parking sign. I went sort of crazy. I kept going until I arrived at this picture. I have no idea what it means. I seem to be stuck in space, soContinue reading “Before Time”

Music in Me

I made a picture. I made a musical picture. At least, that’s how I see it. I don’t know why, but it does. It’s very likely that it will look like something else to you. That doesn’t matter. We all bring our life, our experience and our influences to all art. That’s why you likeContinue reading “Music in Me”


Brand new. This picture. I’m late today because I wanted to make a new picture on one of our walks. I’m not really out of new work. It’s just that nothing in my new files moves me. Another day. A new look. A change in thinking. Which brings me to this. We began Mardi GrasContinue reading “Circles”


I was out walking. The dog who sees things accompanied me. She saw this. But, just the shapes. Not the color. The brightly colored circles caught my eye.  She — the dog — doesn’t see color like that. Dogs see monochromatically. That’s fine for them because their noses know. I saw them. Circles. I thinkContinue reading “Circles”

Mushroom in Black & White

This is what happens when we get a lot of rain, combined with summer’s heat and normal humidity. Weird mushrooms. And, black and white art. I made this picture in between storms. In some areas of the neighborhood, water was still standing. What am I saying? Was? We haven’t had heavy rainfall in a coupleContinue reading “Mushroom in Black & White”

Circle Game

Like a ring of fire. And, circles. I like circles. They are infinite. I like fire. It is purifying.  And, I like flower blossoms. They are restorative. All exist in nature. Nature seems to be where I’m headed in this new style of art. If I am intentionally making any kind of statement, it hasContinue reading “Circle Game”

Mushrooms & Zulus

Yes. Zulus and mushrooms. Wait! What? Layering has its benefits. Mixing of very different subjects is one of them. Another is mixing content that was made at very different times. Sometimes from film and sometimes from digital imagery. In this case, I used a Krewe of Zulu Tramp who was walking on Mardi Gras DayContinue reading “Mushrooms & Zulus”