Little Village

M elbourne in the fall. If you are located in some of the downtown areas I think the timing is good because you can see the city rather than trees, although I’m pretty sure the greens of summer are stunning. While I was there I mostly worked, but it sort of went this way. IContinue reading “Little Village”

Long View

T his very well could be my last post if the software causes another break down. Make no mistake, this isn’t hard for me. I’ve been doing this for years… and years. It’s funky, nasty, poorly designed software from WordPress that is causing me grief. Every time I start to think that I should justContinue reading “Long View”

Stone, Metal and Glass

New Orleans. You don’t think of my city this way. It’s true. We are funky. We are old. We have many buildings that are well over 100 years old. Houses in the Garden District are 150 years old. My first house in the 7th Ward was built in 1837. It was the second common houseContinue reading “Stone, Metal and Glass”

Urban Relief

Nature always balances things. At least I hope so. I made this picture while I was waiting for the second line to start. It’s one of those pictures that I made on my way to somewhere else. Here’s what you are seeing. The mowed lawn used to be buildings, as did all the foliage inContinue reading “Urban Relief”

New Orleans Light and Magic

Reflections. This is the view that you see as you arrive in New Orleans on I-10 from the West. Of course, you don’t always see it in quite this dramatic fashion. It’s all about the weather. And, light bouncing off of one building in the city’s skyline. The reflection. It is so strong that if you look atContinue reading “New Orleans Light and Magic”

From The Other Side

Yes. The headline says it all. From the other side of the Mississippi River. The picture was made from Algiers Point, looking at The French Quarter. Yes. The river in all its sunset glory. Golden, orange and purple. Yes. The river with a small ferry in the foreground and a long, long barge in mid-river.Continue reading “From The Other Side”

Not Your Usual New Orleans

It’s art. I suppose. I had an assignment to photograph and architect just down the street in One Shell Plaza. As I was walking back, everything was just sparkling on our first sunny day after the “Great Ice Storm of 2014.” Wonderful winter light. So, I took my time getting back to my car andContinue reading “Not Your Usual New Orleans”

Then, Around The Corner

After I toured St. Alphonsus, my guides suggested that I take a walk around the corner and have a look at one of the working churches. These folks seemed to know what they were talking about, so I did. I checked in at The Seelos Center and they gave my very exact instructions for gettingContinue reading “Then, Around The Corner”

Magazine Street (Again)

Obviously, I just love low light and cross light pictures. Winter light seems to work best for this because it is cleaner and more golden. When we have this kind of light in the summer, the light gets muddy because of the humidity. Why? A little optical lesson. Water in the air tends to reflectContinue reading “Magazine Street (Again)”