Tag: Cloudy Skies

  • Country Road

    W owzer! WordPress fixed the things that they broke. I have captions and I don’t have to do a work around just to use columns and paragraphs. I have other stuff to say, but I’m excited. It’s the little things, you know? If it seems like I’m publishing a lot of road pictures, you’re right. […]

  • On My Way Home

    Golden light. My favorite light. As you might remember, I very rarely photograph sunsets. Instead, I make pictures of the sky right before and after sunset. I also turn around a look at where the light is falling. Sometimes that’s much better than a predictable sunset. It’s a little risky. You might come home with […]

  • A Day Like Today

    In the morning. The air was lighter. The sun was clearer. The shadows were longer. That’s what I felt and saw. That’s the picture that I made just a few hours ago. Today. I made it at the end of a walk. The light wasn’t great until the moment I saw this scene. I tried […]

  • Urban Relief

    Nature always balances things. At least I hope so. I made this picture while I was waiting for the second line to start. It’s one of those pictures that I made on my way to somewhere else. Here’s what you are seeing. The mowed lawn used to be buildings, as did all the foliage in […]

  • Out There

    I don’t know about you, but I need a little break from the news. For the most part, the news was terrible. All week. You know what I’m talking about. Allen Toussaint passed. Beruit blew up. Baghdad blew up. Paris was shot to hell. Nothing but death and destruction. All week long. Enough. So, here’s a graphic […]

  • Paris

    I don’t know what to say. We pray for peace.  Always. We pray for the dead. More dead. We stand united with France. Again. I live in New Orleans. We were born of France. Our oldest neighborhood is call the French Quarter. That ought to tell you something. My heart is heavy. Again. Dammit. Between one […]

  • Drive By

    A couple of semi-left out images. Just a little drive by work… I doubt these will get stolen. Remember that very graphic picture of the bare trees against the backlighted cloud that I published here yesterday? A guy with whom I went to high school, liked it when he saw it on Facebook so much […]

  • Scenes from the 9th

    I had a clever title for this post all ready to go. “Scenes from the Seventh.” Except, I learned the other day that the St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery and the streets I passed through were not located in the 7th Ward. They are located in the 9th Ward. That’s where I took these pictures. […]

  • And the Window is Busted…

    I guess by now it’s pretty obvious to you that I borrow bits of song lyrics or even song titles to write the headlines. This one comes from a song called, “The Neighborhood,” by Tom Waits. It sort of suits these pictures. But… It’s not as bad as it looks. As I was wandering in around […]