Tag: Cloudy Sky

  • Blue Mind

    Y ou knew it. I know it. I change my mind on a whim. This is image comes from my archives. It is one of the PicFair images. The most amazing thing is the photograph was made using an iPhone 6. Yes, it was edgy in it’s time, but it was nothing like the phones […]

  • In the Wind

    Flying. “If man were meant to fly he’d have wings.” That’s what they said at the dawn of air travel. I wonder what they’d say about this helicopter that doesn’t have wings. Once upon a time when I actually worked for a living at a photo agency, I helped to create an archive called, “Big-Little,” […]

  • Once Again… Into the Sky

    Sky train number two. One of the benefits of staying in one place is that you get to see some of the same subjects in a different light. Yes. That means the physical and the metaphysical. The old Robert Capa saying, “if the picture isn’t good enough then you weren’t close enough,” really has two […]

  • Rainbows All Over Your Blues

    After a long hard week, this is what I saw as daylight came to an end on Friday. I don’t think it could get any better for me unless I was in the French Quarter. The picture contains two things that are close to my heart. Rainbows and trains. On some days, it doesn’t get […]

  • Something Like Autumn

    Our version of Fall. Southeast Louisiana. Leaves are changing color all over the country. Some will change here too. Eventually. Of course, if you grow bamboo, the leaves don’t change color. One more thing about bamboo. Once you plant it, it will take over everything and you can’t kill it. The pictures. Just a little […]

  • Hollygrove. Four.

    It’s been a rough week around here. Aside from the horrible murders in Charleston, we lost three people who made a difference in New Orleans. Harold Baquet. Harold Battiste. Daryle Holloway. A photographer. A musician. A police officer. Cancer on Friday. Lengthy illness following a stroke on Friday. Killed in the line of duty on Saturday. […]

  • Well, I’m Having Fun

    Yes. I am having fun. Looking at pictures in different ways is a lot of fun. Typically, I document people, places and things. Usually I do a little bit with them in post production. Sometimes, not.  Obviously, I’ve been adding a little more to the pictures than just a “little bit.”  To tell you the truth, […]

  • Summerish

    Summer? Not today. Not tomorrow. Lucky us. By now, Southeast Louisiana has summer temperatures. High 80s. High 80s in humidity too. Misery sets in. You feel like you are walking around in a hot, wet, wool blanket. However. A little magic. Two days of record lows. No, no, no… nothing like 30 degrees. But, very […]

  • A Few Details…

    They say that the “devil is in the details.” He may well be. But, I’m really not so sure. To my way of thinking, if that’s true, we are in a lot of of trouble. Details are everywhere if we take the time to look. I do. You probably should too. You’ll never ever fail […]