Tag: Cloudy

  • Life Is A Highway

    This is one of those days when the picture has nothing to do with the topics. In fact, I have two subjects that I’d like to discuss. But first, this is a road on the back side of the Sandia Mountain Range, making it slightly northeast of Albuquerque. Often, search for a PAD meant taking […]

  • Into the Great Unknown.

    A little obsession goes a long way. I’m not talking about the perfume. I’m  talking about a mental and emotional obsession. I’m talking about the one that I have when it comes the closing of 2019. Normally, I don’t really care. It’s just the pages of the calendar turning. Not this time. I can hardly […]

  • More Road, Some Sky

    Once again. A road and sky picture. It’s not really what it seems. It looks like I am out on some distant road. Not really. I was running errands. I drove out to Jefferson Parish. I was getting ready to drive home. I realized that I was driving up and over a railroad bridge, which […]

  • Gulf Coast Skies

    They say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. A lot of people in a lot of places say this. Of all the places I’ve been — and, that’s a lot — I’ve never seen the weather change as often and as frequently as it does in Southeast Louisiana. All these colorful clouds […]

  • Haunted

    This picture sort of fits into the more general theme of “the city that care forgot.” I’d thought about publishing a sort of drifty, wind-blown flower picture. But, I’m not ready for it yet. Maybe Sunday, since it’s a nice gentle image. For now, I’ll go with this gothic church. It’s located Uptown, but I’ll […]

  • Even More Gritty

    As you know, I like to experiment with my pictures. A few days ago, I published a picture similar to this one. Well, five days ago to be exact. The picture was two images away from this one in the files. I thought this particular frame was even more desolate than the original picture. So, […]

  • Out West

    I know. I know. I said I was taking a break over the long weekend. Big plans and all that. But, two people around here caught colds. It’s kind of funny. The older I get, the less I like being around crowds. Now, I’ve figured out one of the reasons for this new phobia. The […]

  • A Spring Day

    I went out to make a picture of the haunted Le Beau mansion. I thought it would be a great day because the sky was overcast, but the clouds were defined. I wanted to make a scary picture. A cloudy day works best for that because it’s a little flat. You can add a lot […]

  • Gothic New Orleans

    I was driving on Freret Street heading for coffee and food when I saw this church out of the corner of my eye. I quickly made a left, then another left and finally another left. Yes. New Orleans is a city of one way streets. But, that’s okay. At least I could see what I […]