Let It Rain

Cold front coming. We had a weird — not this weird — sky this morning. Then came the thunder and lightening followed by rain. When we got up this morning the temperatures dropped by about 20 degrees. This won’t last, but it feels so good. I am experimenting with free design templates. Since most ofContinue reading “Let It Rain”

It Happens That Way

It’s funny how it happens. One day is stormy and humid. The next day the weather is cool and dry. Fall arrived. Finally. The very weather pattern that pushed Hurricane Michael away from New Orleans brought cool air to the region. The windows in the house are open for the first time since late April.Continue reading “It Happens That Way”

Archive Two

Sideways rain. We had what I like to call after a Jimmy Buffett song, “God’s own rain.” The skies darkened in early afternoon. The rain fell. Sideways. Straight down. Upside down. The thunder rumbled to the point that I thought the sky was tearing in two. Then the lightning hit. The world went into overdrive.Continue reading “Archive Two”

Bare Trees

Bare trees. Winter skies. Cold air. Icy streets. No. We aren’t as cold or snowy as the fine folks to the north, but we did have our own cold front. Temperatures dropped into the low twenties. Free standing water froze. A lot of tropical plants died. But, that’s about it. The weekend’s weather will beContinue reading “Bare Trees”

A Cold Front

So. A cold front passed through Southeast Louisiana. The temperatures dropped into the upper 50s. That might be on the warm side for some of you right about now. Obviously, I didn’t make this picture yesterday. But, the notion of a cold front started my brain spinning around. Especially this late in the year. WeContinue reading “A Cold Front”