Something Like Magic

Magic. Just call me Mister Lizard. Oops. I meant wizard. The work really isn’t so wizardly. It’s just a matter of seeing in the field, knowing what you want to do in post production and executing. I wish it was just that easy building websites, or adding on to a WordPress blog site. Unfortunately, itContinue reading “Something Like Magic”


Finally. I seem to be feeling better. That’s good. I’m running out of fresh work. I made this picture a few weeks ago. But, I didn’t tinker with it. Until today. I wanted a certain color, shade and hue. I thought that I was onto something new and different. The joke is on me. I’veContinue reading “Landmarks”


These three pictures are the last of my Lower Ninth Ward visit. I have a few more images from that day, but it’s getting to be time to move on. Not to worry. I’ll go back again. And again. And… again. I’m not sure what more I can add to this post. I think, onceContinue reading “Three”


New Orleans is full of churches. All kinds of churches. But, mainly Catholic churches. Many of them have been closed, or are for sale. As the population of the city declined there is no need for so many churches. Then, along came Katrina and the population dropped substantially. So, even more churches were closed. TheyContinue reading “Churches”


Well. The subject is the same as the last few days posts. Another picture of a county fair. Yes. Again. But, the post production is very different. I can’t even remember what I did to this picture. But, you have to admit that it’s not my usual style or color palette.

Back From That

Okay. Now I’m back from my departure into the real world. Back to the world of experimentation and some kind of an attempt at art. So. This is Victoria Harbor which is a major shipping lane and separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and the rest of the New Territories. As you get closer toContinue reading “Back From That”

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I used to shoot a lot of sports. I did it first as a photojournalist and later in more commercial markets. Thinking back, the last bit of sports that I photographed was participatory — exercise that everyone can do — in a gym in New Orleans. Then, the storm came andContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”