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  • All A Dream

    Y’all know I write these little missives a day or two before I actually publish them. So even though you are reading this on Friday, let’s pretend it’s Tuesday. It’s important. When I first started traveling to Asia and especially to Hong Kong, which became my home for six years, I flew exclusively on one […]

  • Stories.

    A person deserves to tell their own story.

  • From The Beginning

    I have plans, although January 2023 tossed them in a big box and gave them a good shaking. We travel a lot. Aside from the general dirtiness of most American cities, I see a lot. Most of the country is covered in cast offs. Broken cars. Broken trucks. Broken trains. Just dumped where ever they […]

  • Just Add Color

    This stuff should be easy. How much fun is it making pictures like these? You don’t even have to think, just see, just react and keep going. Given some of the blow back about planning and getting there and, and, and … You’d think I have no idea of what I’m doing. I’ll tell you […]

  • Change of Pace

    Something entirely different. There’s been a lot of talk everywhere including in the least knowledgable of people, congress, about the very evil Ticketmaster and their owners LiveNation. If the people doing the whining asked how this happened they might understand. Something. Let’s talk about what Ticketmaster really is and what it isn’t. Ticketmaster isn’t a […]

  • What Have We Lost?

    We read a lot. Blogs. Newspapers. Magazines. Podcasts. (Listen to, not read) One favorite author is Margaret Rynkl who mostly writes for the New York Times. She covers just about everything south from a very gentle perspective. Today, she said, “You’re pointing your camera the wrong way.” She was mostly referring to the billions of […]

  • Places

    It’s all celebration and sometimes it’s all seasonal. It certainly is colorful. That makes me smile. The pictures. Pretoria. Santa Fe. Hong Kong. Treme. Albuquerque. Savannah. New Orleans.

  • A Study In Rural New Mexico

    More design experiments. Somewhere deep inside I have ideas percolating around and around. I just have to find them and figure them out. You all are the beneficiaries. Enjoy what you are and let me know what you think. Please.

  • Bring The World

    Some advice. Be careful. I started reading a friend’s project. I wanted to learn if I could help her price the workshop properly. It’s a lot of work if you work it right. There’s an extension about understanding what you want to do. What might complete you. What might make you happy. And, to start […]