I ‘ve read it all, it’s black and whiteThe spectrum made any shade I likeThe crimson rays are ruby brightTechnicolor light, ow (Red!)I want red, there’s no substitute for red(Red!)Paint it red, green ain’t me compared to red You don’t know what it does to meMy crimson sin intensityI’m haunted by the mysteryThe mystery ofContinue reading “Red”

A Little Sunday Art

T his is without question a Sunday picture. Maybe it’s more like an Easter Sunday picture. At any rate, it’s a spring picture. It is one of my brightest pictures in a long while. It is layered and experimental. The base layer is the same as the top layer except it’s been moved around aContinue reading “A Little Sunday Art”

Confusion Wheel

Y es, it’s true. I wrote that caption which says customized nature. It’s true because I performed so much digital editing on this tree that it might not look anything like the original. That really wasn’t my intent but it looked good at the time so I went with it. I probably should have reworkedContinue reading “Confusion Wheel”

The Between Time

It started during the pandemic and was enhanced by Delta-x and Hurricane Ida. Memories. They’ve been floating around for days. It was bad enough when time was flexible. Now? Whew. And. Then. The anniversary of Warren Zevon’s passing arrived. You know. The guy who sang “Werewolves of London.” He was so much more than that.Continue reading “The Between Time”

All That Reckoning

Not that late. No. We aren’t under siege. Hurricane Lucy will hit Lake Charles likely as a Category 4 storm. I haven’t been there for a long time. The city isn’t as little as I described it. Not anymore. They are bigger than we are. They are a city of 780,000 people. That makes themContinue reading “All That Reckoning”

Blue Moon

Dawn to dusk. I thought that if the dog likes dawn, she also likes dusk. I was right. She did. But, she wasn’t quite as energized. After all, she had a busy day. Sleeping.  Somewhere in the past few days there has been an upgrade in Snapseed. Now you can drop text into the picture.Continue reading “Blue Moon”


… I lied. Not a big lie. Not a whopper. A little one. I wrote that Spring was over in New Orleans. I ought to get out more. Before I blew that pop stand, I did my semi-monthly swing through the Lower Ninth Ward. I’m determined to follow its progress photographically as it tries to come backContinue reading “Apparently…”

Bright, Colorful and Glowing

I’m sort of falling into the thing I did last year. Make a bunch of pictures and save them for distribution as I needed them. I had a good reason last year. I wasn’t in New Orleans all that much. I was busy elsewhere. But, this year is a lot quieter so I don’t haveContinue reading “Bright, Colorful and Glowing”

Satchmo Second Line (Part 1)

There is a funny thing about The Stachmo Fest and everything associated with it. The city, the planners and just about everybody says that Louis Armstrong’s birthday was August 4, 1901. That is except for Satchmo, himself. He used to say that he was born on July 4.  A researcher proved him to be wrongContinue reading “Satchmo Second Line (Part 1)”