Like Being On The Road

Sometimes just leaving Orleans Parish is like going on a road trip, not that I drove very far, maybe 12 miles. But, it’s another world. I had to buy some electronics and a paint bucket. Best Buy is the best place for digital gear. I was grumbling while I drove. I had to buy aContinue reading “Like Being On The Road”

Wisely and Slow

It seems that digging into my past work is necessary, but not rewarding. I can’t keep posting it. For sure, you’ve never seen it. It’s new to you. But, it’s not where I’m at now. In the summer of 2019. This picture is brand new. As usual, I saw it on the way to someContinue reading “Wisely and Slow”

The Westbank

It’s a funny thing. We all think of New Orleans as being a giant city. It’s not. It’s a city of about 375,000 people. We are losing about 1,000 people a year due to all sorts of reasons. Broken infrastructure. Institutional racism. Crime. Horrible schools. High Taxes. Very high rental prices. The list goes on.Continue reading “The Westbank”

On Easter Sunday

For Christians today is Easter Sunday. For Jewish people it is the second day of Passover. For those who believe in other ways, they may stop to honor Jesus’ rebirth, but for them it is mostly about spring. More rebirth. I’m spiritual, but not particularly religious. Yes, it’s true. I am a baptized Catholic andContinue reading “On Easter Sunday”

Sunset in the Graveyard

I don’t often photograph sunsets. When I do. I either turn around and make a picture of where that glorious golden fell and illuminated something, or I make the foreground dominant. To me, a sunset picture without that is just a postcard. That’s why I photograph power poles. They aren’t pretty but they give theContinue reading “Sunset in the Graveyard”

Then the Sky Went Crazy

It looks serious. It’s not. It’s what happens when you mix jazz with photo editing. Things go a little crazy. I made this picture in Albuquerque. New Mexico. It was one of the first serious pictures that I took with my iPhone. It was an early model. And, it was the back up to theContinue reading “Then the Sky Went Crazy”


This is a perfect symbol. An icon. Of the state that I call home. Louisiana. Oil. Religion. All in one picture. Well, the oil “bidness” is tanking and the state is broke. That’s not the only reason. But, it certainly doesn’t help. The state is in a deep recession of its own making. And, religion? Well,Continue reading “Upriver”

A Sunday Picture

Sort of a nice Sunday picture, yes? We have a lot of big, giant beautiful churches in New Orleans. If you’ve read Storyteller for any length of time, you know I like those. But,what I really like are churches like this one. A little store front church. In a little town. A simple place. TheContinue reading “A Sunday Picture”

Shell Beach

Shell Beach. Lake Borgne. MRGO. Of all the places I’ve visited and revisited on this journey through the past, this place is the most poignant. 163 people are memorialized here. This place is truly sacred ground. Do I really need to say more? St. Bernard Parish was nearly wiped off the map. The storm surge was 25Continue reading “Shell Beach”