Second Line Squared

Once upon a time I made pictures like this one every Sunday. I retired from the streets a few years ago mostly for health reasons, but after seven years I felt like the project ran its course. You work and you work and you work and one day you just know. You might still goContinue reading “Second Line Squared”

The Krewe of Madness

The picture is the thing. That’s what I say. No matter what happens make your picture. A wise old professor used to say that sometimes the hardest part of making a picture is getting there. He’s right. Even if you are working in your own city that is still true. When I photograph a MardiContinue reading “The Krewe of Madness”

It Just Looks The Same

A little help with their friends. I have to laugh. Look at the two people in front. Look where the woman has her hand. I don’t know about you, but my head as never been used for a hand rest. I guess the guy doesn’t care. And, everybody is having fun. I made many picturesContinue reading “It Just Looks The Same”

Back to the Streets

The street. A place that I enjoy working. I like to make pictures that are a slice of time. Photographs that are a glance. On the street. Pictures that are an image of an idea. Pictures that take you there. Pictures that let you feel. Pictures from the inside. Pictures that are from my insides.Continue reading “Back to the Streets”

Into the Crowd

A hard picture to make. And, a very lucky one. Sometimes I like to shoot into the crowd. Wait, wait. That’s not what I meant. I’m not that guy. The crazy guy. With too many guns. Let’s try this. Sometimes I like to photograph into the crowd. There. That’s better. I like to do thatContinue reading “Into the Crowd”

We Are All Photographers Now

See what I mean? Look at all those people taking pictures. There are six smartphones that I can count and I think a see a seventh hiding behind the blue umbrella. That’s a lot of pictures made in just a few minutes. That’s a lot of uploads to these folks’ favorite social media. That explainsContinue reading “We Are All Photographers Now”

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo, indeed. As you know, I’ve been skulking around my archives since I can’t really moved about at will. I found this picture. I made it back around a hundred years ago. Or, 2014. It says a lot about New Orleans. Because. This a second line that is so closely packed that it looks asContinue reading “Where’s Waldo?”

In a Crowd

Brass Bands and me. You know me. I like brass bands. I like them best when they are chaotic. When they are working in the street. When they are surrounded by a crowd. You also know that I like to layer my pictures so that you get some sense of the scale and depth. I wasContinue reading “In a Crowd”

In the Middle of Things

The thing about second lines is that everyone is a participant . Even photographers. Even the beverage vendors. And, the food vendors. None of us have permits. Nor, do we have any special right to be there. The only folks that do have a parade permit and a police permit are the social clubs whoContinue reading “In the Middle of Things”