Orphan of the Storm

M y thinking changes a little bit every day depending what I read or see or do. I made this photograph a couple for days ago. I started playing with it last night. The picture lead me to the way it looks. Look at the next column for that. I generally listen to music whenContinue reading “Orphan of the Storm”

Just an Orphan of the Storm

Once upon a time. My Spotify playlist brought up a Mudcrutch song. Mudcrutch was the late Tom Petty’s first band. It had an Eagle in it, along with a few members of The Heartbreakers. It was a proto band. Petty decided to release an album of their music in 2006. It couldn’t have come atContinue reading “Just an Orphan of the Storm”


It looks broken. But, it’s not. It was moved to this location. And, is awaiting repair while the hospital zone is completed. Once all that work is done, this house will be restored to its former grandeur. We are getting close. It was painful. The neighborhood — an old blue-collar working class place — wasContinue reading “Rebirth”

The End of Time

Out there where the swamps meet the lakes it looks like this. Not exactly this way. I made this picture look this way. But, the trees are broken. Many are gone. The swamps are dead. The land is desolate. The way you might think that the end of time looks. Some of this is storm damage. HurricaneContinue reading “The End of Time”

The Garden District

First. You’ve seen this place. At least, you have, in another picture that I’ve posted a while back. But, you haven’t seen it looking like this. It is one of my favorite “haunts” in the Garden District. It would be, even if it wasn’t a three-minute walk for me. It’s an old carriage house thatContinue reading “The Garden District”