Air Train

I really like this bridge. It was one of the few bridges in the world were it trains look like they are flying. And, from the right angle, you really think that they do. This is The Huey P. Long Bridge. Locals call it “The Huey P.” It was completed in 1935 to replace TheContinue reading “Air Train”

Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road. Not in that Hollywood. That’s in Los Angeles. In California. This one is in Hong Kong. As in China. It was the second road to be built by the British after the colony after they began Queen’s Road. It was the first to be finished. Apparently, it was named after a garden inContinue reading “Hollywood Road”

Weird Scenes

Photographing Mardi Gras parades are usually a study in marathon running. Or something like that. It’s gruelling. It’s a lot of walking. It’s physical. It’s also pretty repetitive from year to year. So, this year I had to make two things happen. Since I’m in the middle of another very busy year, I had toContinue reading “Weird Scenes”

Between The Lines

It’s the red tail lights. It’s those tiny little spots of red that make this picture work. Without them this picture is pretty monochromatic. Maybe the yellow reflectors help as well. This is another of my traveling images. Looking at its shape and contemporary look, you’d think it was somewhere in Asia. In fact, thereContinue reading “Between The Lines”

Bright, Pink & Shiny

So. It is another week. I’ve made an executive decision. At least as much of one as I’m allowed to make around here. No bad news this week. No endless experts talking about the same stuff over and over and over. None of that. I saw a bunch of so-called reaction pictures that were takenContinue reading “Bright, Pink & Shiny”

Windows. Bright Lights.

When I post in WordPress, whatever I post is automatically uploaded to a couple of other social sites. One is Facebook, where it is posted three times. Yeah. I know. A little overkill. That’s okay. People see it. One of those people is my online buddy, Andy Richards. I have not yet had the pleasureContinue reading “Windows. Bright Lights.”

Time And Time Again

If you never ridden a double-decker bus in Hong Kong during rush hour you have no idea what you are missing. It’s colorful. It’s noisy. Motion is blurred. It’s crowded. And yet, everything fits. In all my years there, I never saw an accident that was caused by these insanely crowded conditions. And, despite itsContinue reading “Time And Time Again”

Midnight in The Garden District

Or. Something like that. This picture was made at night. The Garden District, especially at night, has a very spooky look and feel to it. You can just feel the ghostly presence. It should. And, you should. It is a very old area in a city that is very old in itself. Many of theContinue reading “Midnight in The Garden District”

One Night

Ah yes. One night in The French Quarter.One night on Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street. The street where music never stops. The girls always beckon. If you pay for them. The place where beer and alcohol flows like water. It smells like it. The place where a lot of people show their true selves. It isContinue reading “One Night”