Scenes from Freret Street

Yesterday, I wrote a little about Freret Street and its relationship to Central City. I thought I’d give you all a quick look at the street and some of the things that you can see there. It’s an overview and I’m sure I’ve missed something that somebody might think is important, but these kinds ofContinue reading “Scenes from Freret Street”


I’ve been working a lot in New Orleans Central City on a large project. Every now and then, I just cruise through, taking a look to see what I missed in a more general sense. One night — the same night — that I made the picture I posted yesterday as “the dark end ofContinue reading “Remainders”

The Dark End of the Street

So. Once I got some power, I wanted to look around. I photographed whatever I saw. Sometimes I made a picture worth talking about. Mostly, I didn’t. But, there is this little picture. It is literally a drive by shooting. Have a close look at this picture. There is a guy lurking in the background,Continue reading “The Dark End of the Street”

The Moon

I normally post once a day. Usually in the morning unless I get very busy or I’m traveling. But. Today is special. So, I’ll post twice. Today is a little sad. But, it’s also a little time for reflection. Where were you in 1969? What were you doing when you heard this?  ““That’s one smallContinue reading “The Moon”

Church. Part Two.

I rarely post alternate versions of the same shoot. But, I had to. I think I like this one more that the first attempt, Since you know the story of the place, I’ll let that go. For now. Post production was done on my i-Pad using Snapseed from an original i-Phone image. New media. IContinue reading “Church. Part Two.”

Holy Cross and a Church

The Holy Cross area in New Orleans is actually a sub-district of The 9th Ward. Sub district is one of those words that I stumbled upon while researching what I photographed. So, this is St. Maurice Church. It’s been decommissioned by the Catholic Church in New Orleans and is now for sale. The church was builtContinue reading “Holy Cross and a Church”

One Night, One Time

  “A wise man was telling stories to me. About the places he had been to. And the things that he had seen. A quiet voice is singing something to me. An age-old song about the home of the brave. In this land here of the free. One time one night in America.” — David Hildago & Louie Perez/Los LobosContinue reading “One Night, One Time”


I was experimenting a little the other night. I wanted to see what my little Sony NEX could do at night. I should have known being that the sensor is the same as a Nikon D7000. But, even so, the processor is different. It is supposed to be better because it is newer. So. ThisContinue reading “Weird”

Bangkok Mist

Sometimes, I feel like just darkening things up a bit things up a bit. This is another kind of experiment. It’s not very pretty and I’m not sure why I did it and, more to the point, kept it. I guess I’m attempting to do something more movie like. I’ve always been drawn to endContinue reading “Bangkok Mist”