Red Sails At Night

Okay. Two things. I borrowed the title from Bing Crosby. And, I’m happy to be back to a single picture. Creating categories and writing tags for a 30 picture selection from Picture A Day is hard work. So. This picture was made in Hong Kong at Victoria Harbor, or Harbour if you prefer. This isContinue reading “Red Sails At Night”

I’d Write A Lot…

Yes. I would write a lot today, but I need a break. I’m sure that you do too. So instead, I’m sharing a taste of this month’s Picture A Day project. I’ll post all of this month’s PAD work on April 1, since I still have a few more pictures to shoot, this being MarchContinue reading “I’d Write A Lot…”

Motion Studies & Links

Normally, I share my work here. Today as is no exception. But, I’d also like to share a couple of websites with you. I’ll get to my work in a minute. But, first a note about the websites. Lost Brothers is a subject near and dear to my heart. During the Vietnam War there wereContinue reading “Motion Studies & Links”