I’ll Be Gone

The picture a day project lead to a lot of day trips. It lead me to a place near Cerrilos, New Mexico. That’s where I found this Bel Air parked in a Trade Post lot. Normally, I’d go inside, talk to the folks who were there and buy something, usually water. Nobody was around, soContinue reading “I’ll Be Gone”

Life Is A Highway

This is one of those days when the picture has nothing to do with the topics. In fact, I have two subjects that I’d like to discuss. But first, this is a road on the back side of the Sandia Mountain Range, making it slightly northeast of Albuquerque. Often, search for a PAD meant takingContinue reading “Life Is A Highway”

Beautiful South

I usually tell people that New Orleans is like a third world Caribbean country and that the area surrounding the city is the South. Every now and then, I set out to prove it. Sometimes I go too far. Even though this picture was made near Hahnville on The Westbank, it looks like it couldContinue reading “Beautiful South”