I had other plans. This wasn’t the picture that I was going to publish today. I had something grander planned. But, Apple came along and did it’s thing again sometime early in the morning. Not only did those bastards download stuff that I didn’t ask for, but they changed every setting. It took a goodContinue reading “Sloooow”

The French Quarter

I took a stroll in The French Quarter. I made a few “traditional” pictures. I’m pretty sure that will make my agencies smile. Doing the work and walking around the Quarter made me happy. Yes. It was hot. It was humid. And, the eclipse was all but invisible there. But, it wasn’t crowded. And, theContinue reading “The French Quarter”


I often return to the scene. Of the crime. Remember the dusky, blue hour picture of Lafayette Cemetery No. 2 that I posted two days ago? I took this picture the next day on Super Sunday as I was leaving. I saw the bikes all lined up in a row. I took a couple of stepsContinue reading “Daytime”

Almost Too Easy

This is it. The last one. The last building on the lake side of the street. Yes, there are a couple of walls here and there, but the buildings are gone. I doubt this building is coming down anytime soon since people live and work in it. No. Not homeless people. People who have actuallyContinue reading “Almost Too Easy”

Right Down The Line

So. My newly redesigned blog site met with huge acclaim. Two people responded to it. They liked it. No matter. Around here we just keep going. This picture. Hmmm. It is Photo Month in New Orleans. I’m not in town, but I’ve been looking at all the art awards online. I must confess that IContinue reading “Right Down The Line”