Tag: Death

  • Further In

    Memorial Day. If you’ve been around for a while you know what I think. There is no “Happy” to Memorial Day. There are only thoughts of those who never made it home. Those who paid the ultimate price. For freedom. For your hot dog. For your hamburg. Generally, I feel guilty. Instead of a flag […]

  • Passings

    Yesterday, a great musician and a sweet and kind man died. Fats Domino. There have been tributes written from all over the world. Because, at the heart of it, he started rock n roll. Without him, the guys who came a little after him — Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and even The Beatles — might […]

  • We Tried. I Swear.

    We tried. We really did. We even moved Halloween to an earlier day. It didn’t help. We did our little rain dances. Big storm coming.  It was too late. That didn’t help.  Nothing could. Nothing would. We brought out our voodoo practitioners. Bitten. We brought out our social aid clubs. Chewed on. We brought out […]

  • End of Time

    Sometimes. I use events and locations as representations for other events and locations. I’m very opportunistic that way. I took this picture while I was photographing New Orleans Halloween. When I saw it, I knew the subject would be fine for a Halloween picture. But, I knew that it would be better suited as something that […]

  • As Good As Mine…

    Your guess is as good as mine. I really have no idea why there is an elephant painted on the side of an abandoned house. Sheesh. I’m not even sure if I could find it again to ask. I was going home from the Katrina memorial second line when I decided to take the long way just […]

  • Prayer

    It started a few days ago. We were walking to the area in which the Indians were assembling for Super Sunday and their massive second line parade, when I happened to see this scene. I had to stop to make a few pictures. I think you all know what this means. I wish that you […]

  • Signs, Symbols and Time

    The caption just about says it all.  But, let me explain it a little further. A descanso is a small piece folk art that is placed on  a spot where somebody died. It is a memorial. It is generally home-made by people who loved or cared for the person who lost his or her life […]

  • Three

    These three pictures are the last of my Lower Ninth Ward visit. I have a few more images from that day, but it’s getting to be time to move on. Not to worry. I’ll go back again. And again. And… again. I’m not sure what more I can add to this post. I think, once […]

  • City That Care Forgot

    Well. The title’s a nick name for New Orleans. It seems to fit the city’s old cemeteries. They are cities. Of the dead. This one is across the street from Commander’s, a restaurant that is known the world over. It is Lafayette Cemetery Number 1. It was established in 1833. Assuming you can actually find […]