Tag: Decorations

  • That Time

    W e’ve been very busy. So, I keep forgetting. With two days, there is no more forgetting. There is only Christmas. So, I’ll start with an elderly picture that I made on the avenue. I’ll build from there. There is good news. Music is magic. The short people are here on their way to Disney […]

  • And, So It Begins.

    I almost forgot. I’m a few days late in showing you Halloween. No worries. I’ve got it now. New Orleans is the right place to celebrate ghouls, ghosts and witches. During normal times it’s a bewitching place. Ghosts seem to be floating around everywhere. Walk down a deserted French Quarter street at about midnight and […]

  • Their Way

    On the way to someplace else. That’s how I made this picture. I parked my car and started walking to the parade route. I saw this. Even without the woman sitting there, the house would have made a good picture. The woman just made the picture wonderful. As usual, I asked if she minded being […]

  • Deck the Halls

    The decoration was hanging on my tree. I saw it. I photographed it. I had my way with it. I turned a digital photograph into something that looks like a painting. I think it works. Does it? The more I look at it, the more it looks like one of those old-fashioned Christmas cards that […]

  • Now It’s Time

    Now it’s Christmastime. I found this picture.  Actually, the dog who sees things found it. My head was wrapped in thought. Or, fog. I walked right by it. The dog saw the shiny object and had to investigate. Good thing too. I had a back up picture for today, but it is plan B and […]

  • Season’s End

    Holiday season. These are my last two pictures of the 2016 holiday season. I didn’t make a lot of “big” Christmas pictures this year. I didn’t feel like it. As we all know, the passing year was a rough one.  2016 was hard on everybody. I guess it shows. Especially, since I believe all art […]

  • Christmas Trees

    It’s almost here. Christmas. Today is the day before the day before. Excitement is in the air. Everybody is being good. Even the dogs. Packages are arriving… to our neighbor’s houses. Because we don’t want anybody to know where they are coming from. Very, very sneaky in this house. For us, Christmas Eve is the thing. […]

  • Blue Christmas

    It’s funny about these things. I had a multiple image story planned for today. Then stuff happened. I suffered the usual Monday morning digital blues. I have no idea why this happens every Monday on my main machine. First, the processing software hangs up. Then, Spotify hangs up. My internet browser slows down. I lose […]

  • Christmastime in the South

    It’s the season. A little Christmas. A little southern. A little over done. A little winter. A little snow. Obviously, I didn’t make this picture this year. It’s been too warm in the south. Instead. I did what many visual people do. I photographed it when I could. I saved it. I published when it […]